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How does deserialization and serialization work in Java?

Serialization in java is a mechanism of writing the state of an object into a byte stream. Deserialization is the process of reconstructing the object from the serialized state.It is the reverse operation of serialization.

What happens to Transient Variables during serialization process?

In case of transient variables:- A variable defined with transient keyword is not serialized during serialization process.This variable will be initialized with default value during deserialization. (e.g: for objects it is null, for int it is 0).

Can a serializable object be written to a stream?

Only objects that support the interface can be written to streams. It creates an ObjectOutputStream that writes to the specified OutputStream. It writes the specified object to the ObjectOutputStream. It flushes the current output stream.

What is the reverse operation of serialization called?

It is mainly used in Hibernate, RMI, JPA, EJB and JMS technologies. The reverse operation of serialization is called deserialization where byte-stream is converted into an object.

Can You serialize an array or a collection in Java?

Java Serialization with array or collection. Rule: In case of array or collection, all the objects of array or collection must be serializable. If any object is not serialiizable, serialization will be failed.

What’s the difference between Serializable and Cloneable in Java?

Serializable is a marker interface (has no data member and method). It is used to “mark” Java classes so that the objects of these classes may get a certain capability. The Cloneable and Remote are also marker interfaces. It must be implemented by the class whose object you want to persist.

Do you need BlazeDS code for AMF serialization?

AMFConnection will need BlazeDS’s* code (which lives in flex-messaging-core.jar) to do AMF serialization/deserialization. We will put AMFConnection and its supporting classes in* package and ask people to compile against flex-messaging-core.jar.