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How does a ladle refining furnace work?

Ladle Refining Furnaces (LRF) are used to raise the temperature and adjust the chemical composition of molten metal. Without LRFs, higher tap temperatures are normally required from steel making furnaces due to heat losses during refining with conventional ladles.

How does an EAF furnace work?

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is a steel making furnace, in which steel scrap is heated and melted by heat of electric arcs striking between the furnace electrodes and the metal bath. Two kinds of electric current may be used in Electric Arc Furnaces: direct (DC) and alternating (AC).

What is LRF process?

Thus the furnace in which the quality of liquid steel is improved by refining and heating is called a ladle refining furnace (LRF). In the field of “Process Metallurgy”, refining the steel in the ladle is also called “Secondary Metallurgy”. LRF helps to produce better quality steel in the induction route.

How does induction furnace work?

In the induction furnace, a coil carrying alternating electric current surrounds the container or chamber of metal. Eddy currents are induced in the metal (charge), the circulation of these currents producing extremely high temperatures for melting the metals and for making alloys of exact composition.

What is ladle furnace slag?

Ladle furnace reducing slag (LFS) is a byproduct of steelmaking industries obtained from the ladle furnace refining of carbon and low alloy steels. This process makes it possible to eliminate the sulphur and takes place in the presence of a basic slag in which the most significant oxides are SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, and MgO.

How does arc melting work?

Arc Melting is used for melting metals– typically to form alloys. Heat generated by the electric arc struck between the electrode and the metals serves to melt the metals placed in the crucible to form an alloy. Repeated melting is performed to improve the homogeneity of the alloy.

What is arc in electric arc furnace?

Electric Arc Furnace means an extremely hot enclosed space, where heat is produced by means of electrical arcing for melting certain metals such as scrap steel without changing electro-chemical properties of the metal. Here, electric arc is produced between the electrodes.

What is ladle treatment?

Treatment ladle: a ladle used for a process to take place within the ladle to change some aspect of the molten metal. A typical example being to convert cast iron to ductile iron by the addition of various elements into the ladle.

What is electrotherm furnace?

Electrotherm E provides induction furnace for ferrous metals (iron & steel) that gives you superior performance & minimizes the heat loss during the process. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified public limited company & manufacture a wide range of induction furnaces from 5 Kg to 80 Tons.

How does a channel furnace work?

Channel induction furnaces This assembly forms a simple transformer in which the molten metal loops comprises the secondary component. The heat generated within the loop causes the metal to circulate into the main well of the furnace. The circulation of the molten metal effects a useful stirring action in the melt.

What is the purpose of a ladle refining furnace?

Ladle Refining Furnaces (LRF) are used to desulfurize steel, remove other impurities and hold the molten steel for casting operations. Large ladles are used in most metal-melting operations to transfer molten metal from melting furnaces to refining or pouring stations.

How is the Electrotherm-ladle refining furnace ( ERF ) used?

Electrotherm – Ladle Refining Furnace (ERF) – YouTube Traditional Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) is used to de-sulphurize steel, adjust its chemical composition and raise the temperature of molten metal besides as…

How is molten steel treated in a ladle furnace?

Molten steel treated in Ladle Furnace is covered by a layer of desulfurizing slag. The graphite electrodes are submerged into the slag, which protects the ladle lining from overheating produced by the electric arcs. The arcs are capable to heat the steel at the rate about 5°F/min (3°C/min).

How is the ladle bottom connected to the furnace?

The ladle bottom has a porous refractory plug, which is connected to the argon supply pipe at the Ladle Furnace stand. The LF stand is also equipped with an addition hopper mounted on the cover and a lance for injection of desulfurizing agents. Fumes formed during the operation are extracted through the cover.