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How does a chronograph work on a watch?

Operating a chronograph is actually quite simple: One push-piece starts and stops the process, and the other resets it back to zero. Both push-pieces are usually located on the right side of the case – one at 2 o’clock for stopping and starting and another at 4 o’clock to reset the function.

How do you reset the chronograph on a citizen watch?

Pressing button (A) resets the chronograph to 0 seconds. The chronograph continues to keep time with the chronograph hands until it is stopped even after 60 minutes have elapsed. Once timing is finished, promptly press button (B) to stop the chronograph, and then press button (A) to reset it to 0 seconds.

How do I reset my Citizen chronograph?

If you have fully charged your watch and the second hand continues to move in two second intervals, you need to do an all reset of the watch. For simple analog models, pull the crown out to the time setting position for 30 seconds, then return the crown to the closed position next to the case, then set the time.

Where can I get instructions for my Citizen Watch?

Setting instructions can be accessed through our website and our My Citizen App (available for iOS and Android). To obtain the instructions specific to your watch, you will need to provide the Move…

Where is the movement number on Citizen Watch?

xxxx-xxxxxx or a string of 4 and 7 alphanumerics ie. xxxx-xxxxxxx) is stamped on the case back of your watch. The first 4 characters of the case number is the movement number.

What does the case number on Citizen Watch global mean?

(Figure on the right) The first 4 characters of the case number represent the movement number of the watch. In the example on the right, “ ” is the movement number. Thank you for your purchase of this Citizen watch. Before using the watch, read this instruction manual carefully to ensure correct use.

Is it safe to set a Citizen Watch counter clockwise?

Yes, it is safe to turn the crown counter clockwise to set your watch. For detailed setting instructions for your watch, please visit You will need your movement calibe…