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How do you wire aileron servos?

  1. Plug the right wing servo cable into channel 1 on the receiver. Use an extension cable if needed.
  2. Plug the left wing servo into channel 6 on the receiver. Again use an extension cable if needed.
  3. Use your transmitter to center and trim the aileron controls as mentioned in the four channel installation section.

What are the 3 wires on a servo?

The servo has three wires: power, ground, plus a third wire to carry the command pulses.

What’s the best way to install an aileron?

Here’s a common, very popular way to install aileron servos. To make field maintenance more convenient, install your servos with hatches built into the wing so they are flush with the wing’s underside.. The first thing I do to get the aileron servo hatch properly aligned is to install the aileron control horn and then attach the linkage.

What kind of solder to use for aileron servos?

For smaller airplanes, four screws (one in each corner) will be enough. Also here you see the clevis at the servo has been soldered to the 4-40 control linkage wire. I use Stay-Brite high silver content solder for all my control linkage soldering. That’s it. Give it a try, it looks much neater than just having the servos sticking out of the wing.

What should the linkage be on an aileron?

The linkage should be straight and 90 degrees to the aileron hinge line. Once I have the slot location figured out, I draw a rough sketch on the inside of the hatch cover centered on the servo spline.

What’s the best way to install a servo?

A slot about 1/4 inch wide is best for most servo installations. I use a Moto-Tool and a round bit to cut two holes at either end of the slot. I then use a hobby knife to cut the slot between the two holes. A little sandpaper makes the slot neat and clean. Here the hatch and servo have been installed and screwed into place.