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How do you use AcuRite meat thermometer?

Insert the narrow end of the temperature probe into the thickest part of the food being cooked. Be sure the tip is not touching bone, gristle, the pan or inserted into the cavity of fowl. 2. Hold steady for several seconds.

How do I change the battery in my AcuRite meat thermometer?

To replace the battery, insert a coin into the slot located on the bottom of the thermometer, and gently twist the coin to open the battery compartment. 2. Remove and safely discard the old battery. Insert 1 x CR-2032 coin cell battery into the battery compartment with the “+” positive terminal facing OUT.

How do I reset my AcuRite thermostat?

Hard Reset:

  1. Bring both the sensor and display unit together and power down by removing all batteries from each and/or removing the power cord.
  2. Change the A-B-C switch on both units to a new, matching channel then press and hold the reset button on the display for 20 seconds if applicable.

How do I fix my meat thermometer probe?

This can sometimes be fixed by baking the probe in an oven at 250°F (120°C) for 10-15 minutes, as this will evaporate out moisture that may be trapped in the probe. Make sure you are only putting the probe+wire in the oven, not the jack or transmitter.

How do I calibrate my Acurite digital meat thermometer?

Fill a tall glass with ice and add cold water. Place and hold the thermometer in the ice water for 30 seconds without touching the sides or bottom of the glass. If the thermometer is a dial thermometer, allow 1-2 minutes for temperature calibration.

How accurate is an Acurite meat thermometer?

Insert the probe into the thickest part of the meat, and the thermometer measures the temperature within 5 to 10 seconds….Waterproof Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer.

Temperature Range -40º F to 450º F, -40º C to 232º C
Temperature Accuracy +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit
Dimensions 8.5-inch Length x 1-inch Width x 1-inch Depth

Where is the reset button on AcuRite?

Reset display by pressing the RESET button, located on the back of the display unit inside the battery compartment. Date and time will need to be entered after a reset. Flashing of the outdoor temperature is generally an indication of wireless interference.

Why is my AcuRite blinking?

Batteries may need to be replaced. Flashing of the outdoor temperature is generally an indication of wireless interference. 1. Bring both the sensor and display unit indoors and remove at least one battery from each.

Why is my meat thermometer not working?

Hold the stem of the thermometer in boiling water for 15 seconds. Assuming you are at sea level, the thermometer should register 212 degrees. If it doesn’t read 212 and it’s the type in the picture to the right, tighten the screw at the back of it to achieve the correct calibration.

Can you adjust an Acurite thermometer?

You can set the readings of a sensor to a positive or negative degree of calibration. When a reading calibration is adjusted, the reading is offset by the set amount.

Can you calibrate an Acurite thermometer?

Calibrate Temperature & Humidity The indoor / outdoor temperature and humidity readings can be calibrated on the display unit to improve accuracy. Calibration can improve accuracy when sensor placement or environmental factors impact your data accuracy.

What do you do with a meat thermometer?

How to Use a Meat Thermometer Choose What Type of Thermometer You Need. There are several types of meat thermometers. Place the Thermometer Correctly. For the most accurate reading, place the thermometer into the thickest portion of meat, avoiding fat and bone. Check the Meat Temperature Early and Often. Bonus Tip: Calibrate Your Thermometer

Do you use a meat thermometer?

When you’re cooking a large hunk of meat (a whole chicken or turkey, a roast, or a large ham), you should always use a meat thermometer. Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, but don’t touch any bone with the thermometer.

How does a digital meat thermometer work?

Electric meat thermometers work by putting out a small current through its metal probe, measuring the ease of which the current is able to flow. Inside the thermometer, a microchip converts this resistance into a temperature measurement that you see on the digital face of the thermometer. Because of their accuracy,…

What is the temperature on a meat thermometer for Medium Rare?

The proper temperature to cook a medium-rare steak is 130 F to 135 F. However, according to, beef, lamb, and pork should be cooked to at least 145 (or above if desired). Keep in mind that the lower temperatures in the chart for rare and medium-rare meat are not recommended by the USDA.