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How do you say Merry Christmas in all languages?

Say Merry Christmas in 10 different languages

  1. French: Joyeux Noël.
  2. German: Frohe Weinachten.
  3. Spanish: Feliz Navidad.
  4. Italian: Buon Natale.
  5. Portuguese: Feliz Natal.
  6. Dutch: Vrolijk kerstfeest.
  7. Romanian: Crăciun fericit.
  8. Polish: Wesołych świąt Bożego Narodzenia.

How do you say Merry Christmas in 30 different languages?

For more information on the languages that we translate into, visit our language capabilities page….How to say “Merry Christmas” in 30 languages.

Language Translation
French Joyeux Noël
German Frohe Weihnachten
Greek Χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα
Italian Buon Natale

What is Christmas called in different languages?

Merry Christmas In Different Languages

African Languages Afrikaans (South Africa, Namibia) Geseënde Kersfees
Swedish God Jul
Switzerland Swiss German Schöni Wiehnachte
French Joyeux Noël
Italian Buon Natale

What is Merry Christmas in Irish?

The Irish gaelic for “Happy Christmas” is “Nollaig Shona”.

How do Swedes say Merry Christmas?

god jul!
You may already know the Swedish holiday greetings god jul! (Merry Christmas!) and gott nytt år!

How do you say Merry Christmas in 50 languages?

For the more avid language student, we’ve put the written form of these same Christmas greetings below….How to say “Merry Christmas” in other languages.

How to say… “Merry Christmas” in other languages
Merry Christmas in Japanese メリークリスマス
Merry Christmas in Spanish Feliz Navidad
Merry Christmas in Italian Buon Natale
Merry Christmas in French Joyeux Noël

How do say Merry Christmas?

Other Ways of Saying “Merry Christmas”

  1. As always, what a blessing you are!
  2. Celebrate this holiday with a lot of fun, excitement, and surprises.
  3. Glad tidings to your jolly soul.
  4. Enjoy some holiday magic on me.
  5. Have a cuddly Christmas.
  6. Have your best Christmas ever!
  7. Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

What is Merry Christmas in German?

Frohe Weihnachten
The most common way to wish someone a merry Christmas in German is to tell them, “Frohe Weihnachten.” Directly translated, that means merry Christmas. The German language tends to follow its rules pretty well when it comes to pronouncing a word.

What is the Welsh for Happy Christmas?

Merry Christmas (or Happy Christmas) in Welsh is Nadolig Llawen with Nadolig meaning Christmas and Llawen meaning joyful.

How many languages can you say “Merry Christmas” in?

Dutch: Vrolijk kerstfeest, prettig kerstfeest. English: Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas. Esperanto: Ĝojan Kristnaskon. Estonian: Häid jõule. Faroese: Gleðilig jól. Finnish: Hyvää joulua, Hauskaa joulua. French: Joyeux Noël. Frisian (West): Noflike krystdagen. Galician: Bo Nadal.

How do you say Merry Christmas?

Say “Merry Christmas” in French. This translates to “Joyeux Noël.”. For Francophiles , “Joyeux Noël” is the greeting of the season, and you will hear it or say it in a number of places around the world, such as: France, of course, and also in much of Canada.

What is Gaelic for Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas in Gaelic. The Irish Gaelic phrase for Merry Christmas is ‘Nollaig shona dhuit’ (pronounced Null-ig hun-ah gwit). You can also say ‘Nollaig faoi shéan is faoi mhaise dhuit’ (pronounced Null-ig fwee hyane iss fwee vosh-eh gwit) which means ‘A prosperous and pleasant Christmas’ To say Happy New Year,…

What is the best Christmas greeting?

Best christmas sms greetings. Tip:-Hold CTRL or SHIFT to open each message in new TAB or Window. Christmas gift ideas / suggestions 2018. Love at Christmas. Christmas is the blessed season. Happy Merry Christmas. Don’t expect too much of Christmas day. Joy on Christ, Love on Mas.