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How do you reverse an image in PVS?

Manual reverse imaging using P2PVS

  1. Boot the PVS target device into the vDisk using private\maintenance mode.
  2. Install PVS_UpgradeWizard.exe or PVS_UpgradeWizard_x64.exe from the Upgrade folder of the ISO image of the latest Provisioning Services release to get the latest P2PVS.exe.

How do you convert pvs vDisk to MCS?

My steps will be:

  1. Create/adjust the master image.
  2. Create MCS machine catalog for testing.
  3. Add the (new) MCS machine catalog within the test delivery group and remove the (old) PVS machine catalog (mulitple machine catalogs can be added to a delivery group).
  4. Conduct testing – if testing is working fine proceed:

How do I create a vDisk in PVS?

In the Citrix Provisioning Console, go to the Device Collection. Right-click the new device, and click Properties. On the General tab, set Boot from to vDisk. Restart the Target Device.

What is a Citrix vDisk?

A vDisk acts as a hard disk for a target device and exists as disk image files on a Citrix Provisioning server or on a shared storage device. A vDisk can be shared (Standard Image) by one or more target devices, or it can exist for only one target device to access (Private Image).

How do you do pvs versioning?

Updating a vDisk involves the following:

  1. Create a version of the vDisk, manually or automatically.
  2. Boot the newly created version from a device (maintenance device or update device), make and save any changes to the vDisk, then shut down the device.
  3. Promote the new version to production.

What is a PVS image?

PVS is a technology that streams Windows Server and Desktop images from a VHD(x) located on a file share (or on the PVS server itself) out to target devices that don’t have an operating system installed.

What is .LOK file in PVS?

The PVP file a properties file which contains info about the vDisk (VHD). LOK is a lock file which is generated when the VHD is in use.

What is Citrix PVS image?

Citrix Provisioning Services (Citrix PVS) is a software-streaming technology that delivers patches, updates, and other configuration information to multiple virtual desktop endpoints through a shared desktop image. PVS streams updates to the individual servers in real time when they reboot.

What is vDisk storage?

The VDISK statement or command creates and initializes a virtual disk. VDISK creates either a shared memory object or a data space for each virtual disk. If there is enough space in the extended shared area, a memory object is created, if not a data space is created.

How do I change pvs master image?

What is reverse imaging in Citrix?

The process to convert from vDisk to local disk is sometimes called Reverse Imaging. Once booted from local disk (without going through the network), you can do whatever you want with the NIC. In this state, it’s just a regular virtual machine and no longer connected to the Provisioning Services server.

What is the PVS?

Citrix Provisioning Services (Citrix PVS) is a streaming technology that delivers software patches, updates, and other configuration data to multiple endpoints running virtual desktops through a shared desktop image.

Why do I need to reverse a PVS image?

Since the inception of PVS, it has long been a necessary evil to reverse image a vDisk to a standard disk format in order to perform updates on components that affected the network stack of the OS, as PVS depends on it for streaming image contents. This was often a requirement for VMware Tools and PVS target device software.

Can You update VMware Tools in PVS 7.6.1?

This was often a requirement for VMware Tools and PVS target device software. Luckily, PVS 7.6.1 introduced a method of updating the target device software for PVS within an image, without the need to reverse image.

How to install PVS target device 7.6.1?

Start the VM. Download Provisioning Services 7.6 Cumulative Update 1 for Target Device x64 from Double click PVS_Device_x64 to start the install. Remember to uninstall any previous versions of the Target Device software before installing 7.6.1.

Can a PVS image be booted from a VM?

If you are running PVS Target Device software version 7.6 or below and want to upgrade, unfortunately you will need to reverse your PVS image to boot as a local hard drive from a VM.