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How do you know if a thermistor is bad?

The most common way to know if a thermistor is bad if it starts displaying inaccurate temperature readings. This can be caused by excessive heat, improper handling, a thermal mismatch, or a dip in resistance accuracy due to regular use and age. An open circuit can also lead to thermistor issues.

Are thermistors interchangeable?

The long answer is that thermistors are not interchangeable brand-to-brand, but they can be interchangeable within the same brand, depending on the manufacturer.

Which thermistor should I use?

Thermistors are ideal when measuring a single point temperature that is within 50°C of ambient. If the temperatures are excessively high or low, a thermistor will not work. While there are exceptions, most thermistors work best in the range between -55°C and +114°C.

How do NTC thermistors fail?

Usually, thermistor failure is caused by an open circuit due to mechanical separation between the resistor element and lead material. This can happen as a result of improper handling, thermal mismatch, or heat damage. Another common reason thermistors fail is simply aging.

How accurate are NTC thermistors?

Of the basic sensor types, an NTC thermistor’s ability to achieve the highest accuracy is within the -50°C to 150°C range, and up to 250°C for glass encapsulated thermistors. Accuracy ranges from 0.05°C to 1.00°C.

Are thermistors accurate?

Thermistors are one of the most accurate types of temperature sensors. OMEGA thermistors have an accuracy of ±0.1°C or ±0.2°C depending on the particular temperature sensor model. However, these elements are fairly limited in their temperature range, working only over a nominal range of 0°C to 100°C .

How are thermistor used?

Thermistors are used as temperature sensors. They can be found in every day appliances such as fire alarms, ovens and refrigerators. They are also used in digital thermometers and in many automotive applications to measure temperature.

What goes wrong with a thermistor?

When a thermistor is failing, it’ll display incorrect temperatures, or you’ll see impossible temperature fluctuations. When a thermistor in a car is failing, the AC system will blow cold air for a short time or the blower will stop functioning correctly.