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How do you grease vault hubs?

Make sure the rubber o-ring is installed in the nose of the hub. Clean the bore of the hub cavity thoroughly. Add Hybrid Oil Lubricant to the inside of the VAULT protector. Apply a thin film of Permatex High-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker to the bore surface.

How do I find the right trailer bearings?

What Size are My Trailer Wheel Bearings?

  1. Support your trailer with a jack.
  2. Take off the wheel and tire.
  3. Remove the grease cap, cotter pin, and washer.
  4. Remove the spindle nut.
  5. Take out the hub itself.
  6. Look for the part numbers on the inner and outer bearings to determine the correct trailer wheel bearing sizes.

What is a vault hub?

Vault Hubs. The VAULT “Hybrid Lubrication System” uses a semi-fluid oil in a pressurized chamber to give you the ultimate in wheel bearing lubication and protection. At ambient temperatures the oil is thick with a viscosity appoaching grease.

Are all trailer bearings the same size?

With standard bearings, the inner bearing is larger than the outer, but with parallel bearings they’re the same size. For heavier-duty trailers there are 1.5 tonne, 2 tonne, 3 tonne sets.

How much does a heritage boat trailer weigh?

Nine different models are available to accommodate boats up to 30 feet in length and weighing as much as 9000lbs. All tandem models are equipped with disc brakes as standard equipment and seven of the nine models come standard with 4 wheel disc brakes because your safety isn’t an option.

What kind of oil does a vault bearing protector use?

Your trailer is equipped with a Trailer Buddy Axle utilizing the VAULT bearing protector with specially formulated “Hybrid Oil”. The VAULT combines the benefits of oil and grease, lubricating and protecting your wheel bearings in a sealed pressurized chamber impenetrable by outside elements.

How big is a vault trailer wheel bearing protector?

The Vault Bearing Protector is typically used with 5 Lug Trailer Hubs. Diameter = 1.980 in There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I bought 2 and one of.them was to big and would mot fit. Great product. Have had them on my boat trailer for 6 years and never had to touch them.

What kind of lubrication does a vault trailer use?

Vault Hubs – Heritage Trailers The VAULT “Hybrid Lubrication System” uses a semi-fluid oil in a pressurized chamber to give you the ultimate in wheel bearing lubication and protection.  At ambient temperatures the oil is thick with a viscosity appoaching grease. As the bearing temperature rises during towing, the VAULT’s Hybrid Oi

How big are the seals on a vault trailer?

Seals currently in use are: Axle Load Capacity Seal Outer & Inner Diameter Inner Bearing Cone 1500#-2500# 1.98” x 1.38” L44649 2900#-4200# 2.33” x 1.68” or 2.56” x 1.68” L68149 5200#-6000# (6 Bolt) 3.38” x 2.13” 25580 7000# (8 Bolt) 3.38” x 2.13” 25580