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How do you get the jeweled silver brooch in Uncharted?

Jeweled Silver Brooch treasure location Follow the II, V, and VII markers to start solving the puzzle — you’ll unlock the water wheel first. Cross the narrow bridge and head up the stairs. At the top, look behind you on your left. The Jeweled Silver Brooch will be at the end of a wooden platform nearby.

Can you reopen a vault sea of thieves?

Solving the puzzle after the Vault Door has shut will not open it back up. This will be new for pirates who have completed the Tall Tales before. If you find yourself trapped inside the Treasure Vault after the door has closed, your time will be better spent picking up leftover Gold Mounds.

What do you do in the generator room Uncharted?

Kill any descendants you come across and restock on ammo in the generator room, then approach the one generator with a winch (second from the left). Follow the on-screen prompts until the power is restored, immediately prompting the start of the next chapter.

What treasures did Nathan Drake find?

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune ‘Trapped’ treasure locations guide

  • Spanish Gold Coin treasure location. Spanish Gold Coin treasure location.
  • Silver Spanish Chalice treasure location. Silver Spanish Chalice treasure location.
  • Gold Coatimundi treasure location. Gold Coatimundi treasure location.

Where do the Drakes hide in Uncharted treasure vault?

They hid behind the wall – at first they eliminated opponents running from the right side of the stairs. Later, they moved a bit to the left and killed a bandit armed with a grenade launcher who was standing on a bridge in the distance. Finally, they eliminated the rest of enemies at the top of the little stairs.

Where is the arrow in Uncharted treasure vault?

Head through the tunnel and you’ll come out in a maze of stairs and roman numerals. Luckily Drake has written, “II V VII” on the map so you have something to go on. II with an arrow is on the floor as you enter the room a little further.

Is there a map in Uncharted Drake’s fortune?

There’s no map in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, so for each of the collectibles below, we used photo mode to zoom out and give you some context surrounding the treasure locations. Use the images to make sure you’re in the right area and the added arrows to help you find your way. Silver Cup and Cover treasure location.

Where is the swinging lamp in Uncharted 1?

At the top, Drake found a swinging lamp – he had to jump on it in the right time, when it was closer to him. [1] After walking under the arch behind the lamp, Drake turned left and jumped onto the stairs leading upwards. At their end there were another swinging fire traps.