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How do you get the code for SoundCloud?

To get an embed code for your track or playlist, click the ‘Share’ button below the waveform and an overlay will appear. Click on the embed tab to view what options you have to embed your player. Copy-paste the embed code from ‘Code & preview’.

What is SoundCloud embed code?

Embed codes allow your track to be shared to blogs and websites through our embedded players. You can make the embed code private, and only visible for yourself, or enable it for anyone to share through your track’s Permissions tab.

Does SoundCloud have scan codes?

Use SoundCloud to explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music and audio. Share the music you like by simply creating a Visual QR Code that will lead to your SoundCloud when scanned.

Can you get SoundCloud free?

Signing up to SoundCloud is free and easy. Visit us at or download our app for mobile devices and click on Create Account, type in your email address and choose a password.

How do I get Spotify codes?

To generate a code for something you want to share, you need to click on the three dots next to the heart icon on whatever it is you want to share. All albums, tracks, playlists and artists have this button as an option.

What is SoundCloud Go+?

SoundCloud Go+: The premium subscription plan offering listeners full access to over 200M tracks, ad-free and offline. New subscribers can take advantage of a free, 30-day trial, after which a monthly subscription fee applies.

Does BTS have a SoundCloud account?

BTS started their Soundcloud long before their official debut in June 2013, giving potential fans hints of what they could do.

Can you tattoo a Spotify code?

You can surely get the tattoo at your own risk, but the codes need the Spotify icon in order to be read by the scanner.

How do Spotify codes work?

Spotify Codes work by generating a unique code of a track, album or playlist you want to share. Someone else can then scan that code and instantly be taken to the music so they can listen to the same thing.