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How do you get free pretzels from Philly Pretzel Factory?

You can get a free pretzel by visiting a Philly Pretzel Factory on Monday! “The perfect snack isn’t hard. It’s soft, warm and salty. Celebrate #NationalPretzelDay by visiting your local Philly Pretzel Factory for a free pretzel, no purchase necessary,” the Factory posted on social media.

How much is a pretzel tray from Philly Pretzel Factory?

Philly Pretzel Factory Prices

Food Price
Original Full Size Party Tray – Flavored Pretzel Rods with (3) 8 oz. Dips $32.00
Rivets Half Size Party Tray – Bite Size Pretzels with (2) 8 oz. Dips $24.00
Rivets Full Size Party Tray – Bite Size Pretzels with (3) 8 oz. Dips $32.00
Mini Pretzel Party Tray – with (3) 8 oz. Dips $32.00

Can you freeze Philly Pretzel Factory pretzels?

In the event that you were unable to eat all of your pretzels, you may freeze the pretzels in a zip-lock bag; to reheat the pretzels, simply take them out of the bag and heat in a toaster oven or microwave oven. Philly Pretzel Factory Pretzels contain No Fat, No Preservatives and maintain a peanut-free operation.

Why are soft pretzels a Philly thing?

First Commercial Bakery in 1861 During the Civil War, Julius Sturgis sent pretzels to his brother, William, who was in Andersonville prison. And pretzels were among the treats sold in Philadelphia in 1864 at the Great Central Fair, which raised money “for the aid and comfort” of Northern soldiers.

Is April 26th a pretzel day?

National Pretzel Day on April 26th recognizes one of America’s favorite snacks. A bag of nice crunchy, salty pretzels or a big, warm, soft, cinnamon pretzel is the question of the day.

Where can I get a free pretzel on National Pretzel Day?

Pretzel Day free pretzels and deals

  • Auntie Anne’s: Get one Original or Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Monday with an offer on the chain’s Pretzel Perks app Monday.
  • Pretzelmaker: Get a free salted or unsalted pretzel at Pretzelmaker Monday.
  • Snyder’s of Hanover: The brand is giving away 1,000 free Crave Kits on Instagram.

How much is a family pack from Philly Pretzel Factory?


Pretzels Price
1 Pretzel $1.00
10 Pretzels $8.00
50 Pretzels $35.00
Family Pack $19.99

How much is a large rivet box at Philly Pretzel Factory?

Philly Pretzel Factory Menu Prices

Cinnamon Pretzel Twist $2.00
Rivet Box Small $3.00
Rivet Box Large $7.00
Rivets Shaker $2.50

Where does Wawa get their pretzels from?

Uptown is the exclusive provider of Wawa’s in-store, branded fresh bakery products—muffins, bagels, donuts, fancies and soft pretzels.

Is it illegal to put pretzels in a bag in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, you can’t put pretzels in bags based on an Act of 1760. In New Jersey, cabbage can’t be sold on Sunday. In New York, it is against the law for a blind person to drive an automobile. cigarette and cigar butts.

What state eats the most pretzels?

What state is home to 80% of the nation’s pretzel production? Pennsylvania! (It is also where the most pretzels are eaten!) About $550 million worth of pretzels are sold in the United States on an annual basis.

What city eats the most pretzels?

So, who eats the most pretzels in the U.S.? That honor goes to Philadelphia. While Americans on average eat around 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms) of pretzels annually, Philadelphians eat about 12 pounds (5.4 kilograms) per year!