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How do you get Datacron on Alderaan?

You need to get a Red Detonite Actuator at a vendor south of Tarlarn Outpost (1869, 1091). There is a cave (entrance at 2373, 2449) you need to go through (group area) to get to the datacron. The datacron itself is behind a cave wall.

Where is Dromund Kaas Swtor?

Since then, the sleek metropolis of Kaas City has grown into a symbol of Imperial power, towering over the surrounding jungle and looming dark against the stormy skies….Dromund Kaas.

Region(s) Seat of the Empire
Terrain(s) Swamps Jungle

Where are the datacrons in Star Wars The Old Republic?

Datacrons are an optional element of Star Wars The Old Republic. They are placed throughout the worlds for the players to find, usually in hard to reach places. Although some of these items are hidden from view, spotting other datacrons may be relatively easy, as they give off an extraordinarily bright glow from a distance.

Where are the datacrons on the planet Balmorra?

The datacrons on the planet Balmorra are slightly different for Republic and Empire, there are 5 to collect for both factions. Purchase Lost Code Cylinder as key for the datacron box from Ba’Teil. She is east across the water from the Flashpoint Shuttle marked on your map, around (X: 673, Y: 39).

Where is the willpower datacron in Castle panteer?

In Castle Panteer there is a small little gap between the door and a wall which you can sneak through to reach the Willpower Datacron. Once you make it through the gap head up the stairs and follow the northern path around the room you come out into.

Where to find the first datacron on Tython?

There, you will find a cave (X: -29 Y: 14 Z:-30). This is a large cave and not very hidden. This cave will lead you through a short passageway and at the end you will find the first Datacron on Tython. Reward: +2 Willpower.