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How do you evaluate a young stroke?

After an initial head CT rules out hemorrhagic stroke, additional testing should include a brain MRI, neck and cerebral vascular imaging (e.g., CTA for head and neck), transthoracic echocardiogram with a bubble study, telemetry monitoring, basic risk factor blood work (e.g., lipid panel, hemoglobin A1c, TSH, ESR, CRP.

What causes a stroke at a young age?

What Causes Stroke in Younger People? Some of the risk factors for stroke in younger adults are different than those found in older adults, but many are the same—smoking, heavy drinking, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Bad health habits are not the only causes of strokes in young people, however.

What age is considered young for a stroke?

In general, most experts consider a young stroke age to be under 45. Even though the overall rate of stroke is decreasing, especially in people over age 65, it’s actually increasing among young and middle-aged people.

Can you have a mini stroke in your 20s?

Strokes in young adults are rare, but on the rise. So, health experts are working to boost awareness of them. Amy’s doctors first had to save her life. Then, they would learn more about the likely cause of her stroke.

What are the symptoms of a stroke in a child?

What are the signs and symptoms of pediatric stroke?

  • weakness or numbness on one side of the body.
  • slurred speech or difficulty with language.
  • trouble balancing or walking.
  • vision problems, such as double vision or loss of vision.
  • sudden lethargy or drowsiness.

Can a 23 year old have a stroke?

False. Stroke can happen at any age, and there are a variety of risk factors associated with having a stroke earlier in life. In fact, many young adults are unprepared when a stroke occurs: They may not recognize its symptoms or seek care in time.

Is there a test for stroke in young adults?

The utility of testing for hypercoagulable states in ischemic stroke is unclear. Summary: Ischemic stroke in young adults is a major public health problem. A wide range of etiologies of ischemic stroke is found in this age group.

Are there specific guidelines for stroke management in young adults?

However, there is a lack of specific recommendations and guidelines for stroke management in young adults. In conclusion, strokes in young adults are a major public health problem and further research, with standardized methodology, is needed in order to give us more precise epidemiologic data.

Is there a decline in stroke in young adults?

“We recently completed a study looking at mortality from different kinds of stroke over a 20-year period, and while mortality from ischemic stroke dropped by more than 50% over that time period in older adults, it actually rose a little in young adults.

What kind of Doctor treats stroke in young adults?

Optimal diagnosis and management of stroke in young adults benefit from a multidisciplinary team, including a vascular neurology specialist.