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How do you end an adjustable friendship bracelet?

Flip the bracelet over so the bottom side of the closure is face up and tie a half-granny knot with the two tails of the Tie Cord. Snip off the tails of the Tie Cord, close to the knot, and melt the ends (or have an adult help you). Pull the knotted tails away from each other and the bracelet will close!

How do you end a friendship bracelet with a loop?

Braid the ends through the loop if they’re long. Feed the braid that’s in your palm through the loop and pull it towards your elbow. Feed the other braid through the loop and pull it towards your palm. Repeat this 3 times on each side and then tie the braids together. To take off your bracelet, untie the knot.

What’s the best way to finish a cord necklace?

Tying a knot is probably the simplest way to end a piece of cord jewelry. It’s perfect for long necklaces that you just want to slip over your head. Master basic Peyote Stitch with this FREE beginner bracelet pattern complete with detailed instructions, full materials list and a bonus video so you can see every step.

Can you make a bracelet out of a button?

The plethora of photos provided will show you just where to place your fingers and what weaving patterns are used to create various bracelets. Choose your favorite to create your own DIY accessory. Okay, this craft requires one extra material—a button. It will be worth the extra effort.

What’s the best way to make a hemp bracelet?

A switchback macramé technique with small colorful beads along the way creates an interesting and eye-catching final product. If you want to go back to basics or create an original spiral hemp bracelet, this tutorial has you covered. Discover a new knot pattern while adding some flare to your hemp bracelets using colorful beads and cord material.

Do you need beads to make a bracelet?

As you become familiar with the weaving process of creating these unique bracelets, you can kick things up a notch by experimenting with new designs and adding colorful accessories such as beads or buttons. Since so few supplies are required, you can bring this craft with you anywhere.