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How do you create a number range on FBN1?

You can either use the T-code FBN1 or go to SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Financial Accounting → Financial Accounting Global Setting → Document → Define Document Number Ranges → Execute. A new window will open. Enter the company code and click Change Intervals as shown below. It will open another window.

How do you find number ranges in SAP?

To check current number range data, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose the Central Number Range Check application (transaction /ISDFPS/GNR_CHECK).
  2. Enter the selection values.
  3. Choose Check NR Consistency. The system displays the check results.

How do you maintain number ranges in SAP?


  1. In the SAP GUI, enter the transaction code OANR to open the “SAP ArchiveLink Number range” window.
  2. Click the Change Intervals icon . Figure 1 shows the Maintain Number Range Intervals window containing the required interval.
  3. If the required interval does not exist, take these steps:
  4. Click the Save icon.

What is SAP document number ranges?

Document number ranges are defined at the specific interval within which documents should be created in SAP. Document number ranges depend upon company code and are valid for the defined year. The number range becomes effective by the document type specified in document entry and posting.

What is FBN1 SAP FICO?

Financial Accounting. The SAP TCode FBN1 is used for the task : Accounting Document Number Ranges. The TCode belongs to the FIDC package.

Why number ranges are not transportable in SAP?

This is because SAP removes existing number ranges, including their statuses, in the target system before importing the transport request. If your target system already has some documents, the status of the number range will not be the same as stored in the transport request.

What is external number range in SAP?

External number range: The range of object numbers that can be manually assigned to objects either through the GUI or through the API. Keep the following in mind when configuring SAP number ranges: • Number ranges can be numeric or alpha.

How do I find the sales order number range in SAP?

In Standard SAP the Transaction code for Maintaiing Number ranges externally is VN01. Defining – The same can be reached through in IMG as : Sales & Distribution–>Sales–>Sales Document Header–>Define Number Ranges for Sales Documents.

What is the range of number?

The range is the difference between the highest and lowest values in a set of numbers. To find it, subtract the lowest number in the distribution from the highest.

How do you create a number range interval in SAP?

Creation of a Number range object:

  1. Go to transaction SNRO (Simple way to remember is SAP NumberRangeObject).
  2. Enter the number range object name and press CREATE.
  3. Enter the description, Long text and Number Length domain andWarning % as shown below:
  4. Press SAVE.
  5. Press YES and assign the object to a local class.

How do you define a number range in SAP MM?

Step 1 : – Execute t-code “MMNR” in command field from SAP easy access screen….How to define number ranges for material type in SAP.

SAP Menu Path SPRO > IMG > Logistics – General > Material Master > Basic settings > Material types > Define number ranges for material type.
Transaction code MMNR