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How do you clean a white stone gravestone?

Cleaning Gravestones

  1. Ask yourself if it really needs cleaning.
  2. Always use the gentlest method possible first.
  3. Never use a wire or abrasive bristle brush.
  4. Use lots of water and a soft plastic scraper, rinsing all the time, and using clean water each time.

Will bleach clean headstones?

Cleaning gravestones with bleach is never a good idea, Church said, but it’s especially bad when you’re working on porous stone. Bleach is alkaline, so it doesn’t pose the big risk of acidic cleaners, which dissolve sensitive stone, including marble.

How do you clean a white marble headstone?

Using around 30 grams of non-ionic cleaner mixed with 5 gallons of clean water, soak a sponge and carefully scrub the desired area. As we mentioned before, work from bottom to top to avoid streaking and rinse the area often to remove any running water.

Can you use baking soda to clean headstones?

If the stone has mold or mildew stains, mix a poultice with a cup of baking soda, five tablespoons of dish soap and enough hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste. Apply this to the headstone and let it sit for several hours, then wash away and dry. You may need the brush to get the stains out.

What can I use to clean a headstone?

Mix: Non-ionic detergents are generally recommended for cleaning granite headstones. Mix just one-ounce of non-ionic detergent to 5 gallons of water. Apply: Use a brush to gently apply the cleaning solution. Always test the solution to ensure the best results after the area has dried.

Can you use bleach to clean marble headstone?

Never use bleach Bleach should absolutely never be used in the cleaning of gravestones; doing so can lead to serious damage to the stone, which can never be undone.

What is a good headstone cleaner?

How do you clean lichen off a gravestone?

Soak the stone with water and wait a few minutes. Gently remove loose materials from the surface. Once saturated, the lichens and moss on the stone will loosen and can be removed easily with a plastic scraper or wooden spatula. This helps remove the big particles so you will not be rubbing them back into the stone.

What can I use to clean a white marble headstone?

How To Clean Marble Headstones

  1. Soak: Soak the stone by spraying it down with a hose or dumping a bucket of clean water over the entire surface.
  2. Mix: Dilute ammonium hydroxide (use with caution) 1:4 with water when cleaning light colored stones.
  3. Apply: Use a brush to gently apply the soap/water mixture.

What is best way to clean a granite headstone?

Steps for Cleaning Granite Headstones Remove Excess Debris. Before you begin to actually clean the granite headstone, remove excess debris on or around the headstone. Wash the Granite Headstone with Soapy Water. Squirt a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a bucket filled with 2 litres of water (i.e. Wash the Granite Headstone with Clean Water. Dry the Granite Headstone.

Can you remove a headstone?

Cleaning a damaged headstone can make it worse. If the headstone is brittle or flaking, look into getting it repaired. If the headstone has moss or fungi growing on it do not attempt to remove it. Removing the moss may cause more harm than good.

How do you clean a grave marker?

The best way to clean a grave marker is with the help of water and a soft bristle brush. In case there is too much of dirt, dust and algae accumulated on the grave marker, then you can use some good quality non-ionic detergent.

How do you clean a cemetery monument?

The first rule of cleaning cemetery monuments is to be gentle. To start, spray down the gravestone with clean water. Then use a soft scrub brush. Never use wire or metal brushes of any kind, as they may scratch damage or stain the stone. Apply water and gently scrub away any biological growth from the stone.