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How do you cheat in Stronghold Crusader Extreme?

Cheat List

  1. ALT + X – Increases popularity by 100 and money by 1000.
  2. ALT + C – Cycle characters or unlocks all missions.
  3. ALT + K – Destroy enemy fortress.
  4. ALT + Z – Destroy selected enemy.
  5. ALT + G – Destroy main stronghold.
  6. ALT + D – Engage debug mode.
  7. ALT + P – Increase character’s level.

What is the difference between Stronghold Crusader and extreme?

Extreme plays exactly like the original Stronghold Crusader, only with a few additions. The unit cap has been increased from 1000 to a staggering 10,000 troops, special Tactical Powers such as the Arrow Volley can be used and new buildings make their appearance alongside the Crusader Extreme skirmish trail.

How do I make my Stronghold Crusader faster?

Press + and – to adjust the speed of the game. Phew, at least it’s there.

What is crowding in Stronghold Crusader?

Crowding will occur when your population exceeds your available housing. The population indicator will turn red if you have an overcrowding problem. Overcrowding may occur if a house is deleted or destroyed by the enemy.

How do you get more gold in Stronghold Crusader?

ALT + X increases your gold.

How do you unlock missions in Stronghold Crusader HD?

Hold “Alt” and press “C” to unlock all missions for selection and play in any order you please. You can also use this code in-game to cycle between characters, allowing you to get the best of each crusader’s abilities.

What is crowding in stronghold 1?

How do you increase fear factor in Stronghold Crusader?

The best combination of extra production, loss of fighting prowess, and popularity would be something like the following:

  1. A Fear Factor of 2, possibly 3;
  2. A single hops farm (or two if the oasis is further away);
  3. Four breweries.
  4. Approximately four inns, or as many as it takes to provide 100% ale coverage.