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How do you change the band on a Stauer watch?

Insert the spring bars from the old band into the ends of the new band. Insert the end of the new band with the spring bars into the opening in the side of the watch case. Use the forked end of the spring bar tool to snap the spring bars into place. Repeat Steps 1 and 3 on the other side of the watch.

How do you remove a stauer watch band?

Gently adjust the handle (Part A) to push the pin in the direction indicate by the arrow. As the pin emerges out the other side of the link, pull it out carefully to avoid scratching the metal band. If the links are secured with screws, use a screwdriver to carefully twist them out.

Are Stauer watches expensive?

Stauer is a different type of watch company as they purchase their stones and jewels in very large quantities for very low prices. Stauer watches are known for their high quality compared to much more expensive offerings, and they have many satisfied customers across the globe.

What are notching pliers?

90 61 20 Notching Pliers

  • Special pliers for notching recesses into plastic ledges and plastic casings for electric and plumbing installation.
  • Notches can be enlarged by initial and final cut.
  • Clean cut edges – no trimming activities needed.
  • Easy handling.
  • With opening spring, opening limiter and locking lever.

How do you notch a leather watch band?

Remember: it is easier to make one single cut with the notching pliers than to try to make two smaller cuts. Holding the watch band steady, slowly close the jaws of the pliers, allowing the metal to cut through the leather band. If your watch band is particularly thick, you may find it difficult to cut through the leather.

Where can I get a new watch band?

Whether you want to update the look of your watch with a new watch band, or your watch band has been worn beyond recognition and is broken or falling apart, you’ll find the perfect watch band replacement you’re looking for at

How do you remove a watch band from a watch case?

Using your digital gauge, you will mark off the amount of the band you need to remove from each edge to keep the new watch band centered in the watch case. Lay one half of the watch band face down in front of you and line up the jaws of the digital gauge with the outside of the band and mark the inside of where the other jaw ends.

Can a watch band fit between two lugs?

For a watch band that will sit in between two lugs on a typical watch, you will first need to measure the width of the new watch band using the normal jaws of your digital gauge. Measure the new band twice and record this measurement before moving on.