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How do you calculate projection size?

If you know where you’ll be putting your projector, measure the distance between the lens and the wall, then multiply this by the throw ratio. This will tell you the width of the projected image. Use the aspect ratio to get the height, then use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the screen size.

How is projector throw calculated?

For any given projector, the width of the image (W) relative to the throw distance (D) is know as the throw ratio D/W. So for example, the most common projector throw ratio is 2.0. This means that for each foot of image width, the projector needs to be 2 feet away or D/W = 2/1 = 2.0.

How far away does a projector need to be for a 120-inch screen?

Projection Distance

Screen or image size Projection distance (1) Minimum to Maximum Screw hole number (2)
80 inches (203 cm) 110 to 121 inches (281 to 306 cm) 4
100 inches (254 cm) 138 to 151 inches (351 to 383 cm) 3
120 inches (305 cm) 166 to 181 inches (422 to 461 inches) 2
150 inches (381 cm) 208 to 227 inches (529 to 577 cm) 1

How do you calculate throw ratio?

Throw Ratio = Throw Distance / Image Width Throw Ratio tells us what image size we can project from a certain distance away. For instance, a throw ratio of 1.5 indicates that for every 1 foot of image width, the throw distance must be 1.5 feet.

How far should a projector be from a 80 inch screen?

Projection Distance

Screen or image size (1) Projection distance (2) Wide to Tele
40 inches (101.6 cm) 56 to 92 inches (143 to 233 cm)
60 inches (152.4 cm) 85 to 138 inches (216 to 351 cm)
80 inches (203.2 cm) 114 to 184 inches (288 to 468 cm)
100 inches (254 cm) 142 to 231 inches (361 to 586 cm)

What does zoom do on a projector?

Optical zoom allows the projector to enlarge the size of a projected image by extending the lens to magnify the image, without forcing the user to move the projector or to suffer a decrease in the quality of the displayed image.

How far should I sit from projector screen?

The absolute “best” distance between the projector screen and room seating is hard to calculate. Instead, a general rule is that seats should be located a distance that is no less than double the width of the projected image, and no more than five times the width of the image (the furthest seat from the screen.)

How do you calculate projector throw?

Calculating the Throw Ratio and Positioning for a Projector. As mentioned, the throw ratio is calculated by the distance from the projector to screen compared to the width of the screen. To find the throw ratio simply divide the projector’s distance from the screen by the size of the screen.

How far projector from screen?

In such a case, the maximum distance for placing your projector from the screen will be 17.6 feet (8 x 2.2), and the minimum distance will be 14.4 feet (8 x 1.8).

What is the optimal distance for a projector?

So, in this case, the optimal distance to place your projector would be anywhere from 12 to 18 feet (3.7 to 5.5 meters). After you’ve managed to decide in the distance, it’s time to manage the cables.

How do I make my computer screen full size?

Hold down the OPTION / ALT key on the Mac keyboard and drag out from the corner of the window. Keep dragging while holding option until the cursor has reached a corner of the screen, thereby making the window full screen and taking up the entire display.