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How do you become a greyhound owner trainer?

If you are applying for an Attendant, Owner Trainer, Public Trainer or Breeder registration, please complete the following steps:

  1. Read the Being a Greyhound Trainer Handbook.
  2. Complete the online Registration Knowledge Test (below).
  3. Download your certificate of completion.
  4. Submit your application for registration.

How do I become a greyhound trainer in Victoria?

hold the relevant Trainer’s Qualification (Level 2 Owner Trainer Module for owner trainers, Public Trainer module for public trainers) complete a tax compliance form. allow your kennel facilities to be inspected and approved by an Agency Steward prior to you being eligible to nominate a greyhound for a race or event.

Can you train your own greyhound?

Becoming a Greyhound Owner-Trainer Owner-Trainers are only permitted to train greyhounds they personally own. GRV strongly recommends you seek a mentor within the industry and you have spent some time working with a learning from an experienced trainer before you make the decision to become an Owner-Trainer yourself.

How much does a racing greyhound cost?

You can expect to pay anything from $2,500 – $15,000 for a well-bred greyhound pup, depending on its breeding, but it’s not necessarily a case of the more you spend the greater your chances of finding a champion.

How are greyhounds trained for racing?

“There’s lots of different ways to train a greyhound and it’s been proved, whether it’s swimming, walking machines, galloping or walking, they’ve all worked,” Britton told Greyhound Racing Victoria. “The main thing is to satisfy yourself that you’re getting that dog fit and it’s stimulated in its focus for racing.”

How do I buy shares in greyhound?

  1. Click ‘My Account’
  2. Click ‘Syndicate’
  3. Click ‘Create New Syndicate’
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen.

Can you train a greyhound not to chase?

But you cannot teach a greyhound how to cross streets at a full run without getting killed. The only way to keep them safe is to keep them on leash, to only let them run off leash in areas that are totally fenced, or are so far from the nearest road that the dog cannot reach it.

Can greyhounds be trained to come when called?

While it can be more difficult to teach a Greyhound “recall”, many owners successfully teach their dogs to come when they are off leash. Although this may be a challenge it is well worth it, as your Greyhound needs exercise and there is no way you are going to be able to run as fast as your quick canine!

How much do greyhound owners win?

Prize money levels in Victoria greyhound racing is at an all-time high. Minimum prize money for a standard metropolitan race is $5,280 (1st), $1,510 (2nd) & $760 (3rd), while minimum prize money for a provincial maiden race is $1,405 (1st), $400 (2nd) & $200 (3rd).

Can you make money owning a greyhound?

In a racing capacity, good money can be earned from the performance of greyhounds during their track career, but a strong stud prospect is “what all breeders dream of” Mr Connor said. However, it’s a prospect that’s not always easy to predict.

Are greyhounds difficult to train?

Training a Greyhound typically is a fairly enjoyable process, and the dogs will usually learn basic commands rather quickly. A Greyhound you got as a puppy from a loving breeder may take training quite differently than a retired racing dog that you’ve adopted who was kept in a kennel.

How do you make a greyhound syndicate?

To become a member of a partnership or syndicate, you must first be licensed as an owner or owner / trainer. Your application for partnership or syndicate registration cannot be processed unless you hold one of these licences. Eligibility will vary depending on the type of ownership you are seeking.

Can a public trainer train a registered greyhound?

As an owner trainer, you will be entitled to train any greyhound that is owned / part owned by yourself, or for an owner that permanently resides at your address. As a public trainer, you will be entitled to train greyhounds owned by any other registered owner, as well as greyhounds that you own.

How old do you have to be to be a greyhound attendant?

Greyhound Attendant: this licence type allows you to handle, box, catch and generally assist a trainer at a track on race days. The minimum age for an attendant licence is 15 years of age.

What do you need to get a greyhound racing licence?

You must provide: a Police Probity Check (if 21 years or older), certified colour passport size photo, certified copy of drivers licence, passport or birth certificate and the appropriate fee.

What kind of veterinary license do you need for a greyhound in Texas?

An individual hired by the racetrack association to provide veterinary service for greyhounds. Evidence of Texas license to practice Veterinary medicine and provide State license number, Texas Department of Public Safety number, and DEA number used in practice.