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How do I use Myslot?


  1. Use command /myslot to toggle Myslot main UI.
  2. Click the ‘Export’ button.
  3. Save the exported text anywhere you want (e.g. nodepat as a txt)

How do I move the extra action button?

A very simple addon that allows you to move your Extra Action Button and Extra Power Bar Alt anywhere on the screen. Commands: Typing /eab or /eabmove in-game shows a movable box for 15 seconds allowing you to place it anywhere on the screen.

How do you hide unused buttons in bartender?

The option is called “Button Grid”, it’s under “General Settings” for each individual bar, under the slider for the amount of buttons on that bar.

How can I change the action bar on my bar?

Personally, I don’t use the Action-Bar Paging option, but if you wish, you can enable this on any bar in the State Configuation tab and be able to Shift+scrollwheel or Shift+1-6 and change the action bar, just as you can with normal Blizzard UI.

How to unlock the bar in bartender 4?

So, type /bartender or /bt4 or click on the Bartender minimap icon to bring up the options and let’s see what we can mess with. This is the first window you should see when you bring up the options menu. Here, you can uncheck “lock” to unlock the bars and enable you to move them around on your screen.

What does bar snapping do on bar 4?

“Bar Snapping” helps you line up bars with one another, sort of like snapping them against an imaginary grid. You can turn this off if you wish, but I normally leave it on, because I don’t find that it gets in my way. So as you can see, all of the bars I can interact with via BT4 are green and labeled.

Why is bar 1 checked in state configuation?

Here you can see that in “State Configuation” I have, firstly, enabled state configuration, which means Bar 1 is allowed to change its contents based on the options I choose here. “Possess Bar” is checked because Bar 1 is my main bar, and when I’m possessing a drake or something similar, I’d like to be able to know what abilities I have available.