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How do I Uninstall Toshiba flashcards?

Navigate to the Toshiba Function Key software from the list of install programs, and then right-click it and select Uninstall. Click on Yes to confirm this uninstallation and follow the on-screen prompts to complete this operation.

What are Toshiba Flash Cards on my computer?

TOSHIBA Flash Cards is a utility using a card type design. It replaces the “Hot Key Utility” which is a conventional utility for Windows. Pressing a specific key together with the Fn key executes the function assigned to the key (hot key function).

Do I need Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility?

Also supports silent installation. Click for silent/unattended installation instructions. TOSHIBA Flash Cards is a utility using a card type design. It replaces the “Hot Key Utility” which is a conventional utility for Windows….Other Versions.

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What is Toshiba function key?

The FN key sits at the bottom-left of all Toshiba keyboards. Image Credit: psphotograph/iStock/Getty Images. Function keys comprise the top row of keys on all but the most compact keyboards. Numbered F1 to F12, these keys offer user shortcuts to common operations as a way to save time and trouble.

What is Toshiba ReelTime?

Toshiba ReelTime™ is a graphical history/indexing tool that enables you to view recently accessed files in a fun and easy-to-use format. View and scroll through your history of opened or imported files via thumbnails in an intuitive user interface. Your ReelTime display can be customized to suit your user preferences.

What is Toshiba system settings service?

The TOSHIBA System Settings program released with pre-installed Windows 8 is a tool that allows you to configure your computer – similar to TOSHIBA HWSetup on earlier models. The TOSHIBA System Settings will open allowing you to personalize certain settings on your computer.

Is Toshiba Value Added Package necessary?

The Toshiba Value Added Package (TVAP) provides an essential link to system resources required by several TOSHIBA original program components for access to BIOS functions etc, such as: TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool can display the basic information of a computer and diagnose simple issues using Windows built-in toolset.

How do I use the F keys on my Toshiba laptop?

How To Enable Function Keys On Toshiba Laptop

  1. Click on the “Start,” then “All Programs,” then “Toshiba.”
  2. Select “Utilities,” then “Accessibility.”
  3. Check the box to ensure the “Fn” key will work whether you press F1 simultaneously with F1 or immediately before pressing these keys.
  4. Check your “Fn” key.

Can I disable Toshiba function key main module?

Search button- just to the right of the “start” button, type “task manager”; When Task Manager appears, click on the “Start-up” tab; Click on “Toshiba function key main module” and “disable” it.

Where is the F Lock key on Toshiba laptop?

You can locate the “Fn” key to the left of the spacebar on most Toshiba laptops.

Can I uninstall Toshiba ConfigFree?

The Toshiba ConfigFree software suite assists Toshiba laptop users to connect to both wireless and wired networks. You can still uninstall the software through the Windows uninstall utility.

How do I get rid of Toshiba bloatware?

Fortunately, you can easily remove it.

  1. Determine what software you want to keep and what you want to remove.
  2. Go to the Start menu, then click on “Control Panel.”
  3. Select the “Programs and Features” option.
  4. Select the programs you want to remove from your computer.
  5. Repeat the process for each program you want to remove.

How to uninstall Toshiba flash cards in Windows 10?

Locate Toshiba Function Key in Control Panel or Settings and click on the Uninstall button located in the window. Follow any instructions which appear afterwards in order to uninstall it completely.

What to do if Toshiba flash card prevents shutdown?

Navigate to the Startup tab, and then right-click the Toshiba Function Key Main Module entry and select Disable. After that, restart your computer and see if the Toshiba flash card preventing shutdown issue has been fixed. If the error still persists, you can re-enable the module through the above steps.

Is the Toshiba flash card the offending program?

Toshiba Function Keys is the offending program but if you remove it and want to use the alternate keys you will have to hold down the FN key. REMOVING the Toshiba Flash Card Keys is the totally WRONG approach. (1) Download the correct Driver for the correct Toshiba Laptop. (8) Follow the Instruction’s on the right side of the page…

How to disable Flash cards on a Dynabook?

Click the Start menu. Enter ” Flash ” into the search field. Click ” Flash Cards ” in the search results. Setting for Flash Cards will open. Make changes as desired and click ” apply ” to set or ” Cancel ” to exit without changing settings. Disable – Place a checkmark in the ” Disable all function keys ” box.