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How do I submit a timecard to OTL?

To upload a timecard to Oracle Time & Labor

  1. Choose Time Entry from the Self Service OTL Menu.
  2. Choose Upload Timecard from the Time Entry window.
  3. Select the Timecard Period for the timecard you are uploading.
  4. Choose the Browse Button and select the file name to Upload.

What is Oracle OTL?

Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) integrates with the Project Accounting, Payroll, Service Procurement and Enterprise Asset Management(EAM) modules. OTL acts as a key data collection and integration point within an Oracle ERP solution.

What are three key features of time and labor?

Time and Labor provides rapid time and absence entry through a daily, weekly or monthly calendar. Full drag and drop capabilities, as well as the ability to enter time or absence for a range of dates are provided as an easy and fast way to enter time into the system.

What is time and labor?

Time and Labor is a web-based PeopleSoft application that allows employees to report working hours and leave directly into the system using the Employee Self Service timesheet. Allows the employee to report time from anywhere. Integrates with Absence Management to track Sick and Vacation requests and balances.

What is Kronos TLM?

5 Ways to Push Your Workforce Ready Scheduling to Peak Performance. If you are a Kronos Workforce Ready (WFR) user, a powerful scheduling solution is the Time Labor Management (TLM) tool. TLM can improve your platform’s scheduling efficiency.

What is time and Labor Online?

What is time and labor management?

Our tools help you manage overtime, absences, overstaffing, understaffing, and the use of premium labor. Your employees get real-time, mobile access to their schedules, hours worked, and vacation balances.

What is ERP and EBS?

Oracle E-Business Suite is a collection of software designed to automate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Oracle EBS reporting includes pre-integrated BI and analytics capabilities and an emphasis on customer-centric application methods.

What is Kronos Advanced Scheduler?

Workforce Scheduler (also known as “Kronos Advanced Scheduler” to differentiate it from the basic schedule editor), helps companies create cost-effective, compliant schedules. Creating rules to help build schedules that meet your staffing needs eliminates over- and under-staffing and identifies overtime.

What are the different meanings of the abbreviation OTL?

All Acronyms lists 115 meanings of OTL: technology. education. business. science. learning. military. oracle.

How is OTL data used in other applications?

Data (time card) submitted by employees through OTL is available to other applications also like your HR, Payroll and Project application, they will use these data for further processing. Using Retrieval Rule you control when the OTL data will be available to other applications.

Can you review otlr time details on your timecard?

If you want workers to be able to review OTLR time details–such as hours of overtime, derived from their earnings policy–on their Self-Service timecard, you must ensure you complete the following setup: Set the value of the OTL Rules Evaluation preference to Yes for these workers

Why is it important to create preferences in OTL?

This is one of the important step in OTL configuration. These preferences are actually rules to govern how system will behave when workers submits their time cards, what are the restriction they will have, what are the fields they going to see and much more. Creating preferences tree or branch is tricky specially if you are doing it for first time.