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How do I register to be an organ donor in South Africa?

The process is straightforward. Register online or call the Organ Donor Foundation’s toll free line on 0800 22 66 11. We will then send you a small organ donor card to fill in and carry in your wallet. We will also send you a sticker to put on your ID document and on your driver’s license.

How do I donate my organs after death in South Africa?

You can register as an organ donor by: contacting the Organ Donor Foundation toll-free line at 0800 22 66 11, or….You can become a donor if:

  1. you’re under the age 70,
  2. you’re in good health, and.
  3. if you’re clear of any predefined chronic diseases that might cause further health complications for the recipient(s).

Do organs donors get paid?

Rema Nagarajan. Call it a cash prize, call it a reward, but however you name it paying money to the family of the deceased to incentivise organ donation is commercialisation of an act that is supposed to be altruistic. It could be the first slide down a very slippery slope towards legitimising the sale of body parts.

Is organ donation legal in South Africa?

South Africa has a detailed legal framework governing the donation, removal, use and further processing of tissue and human organs. No one may be coerced, directly or indirectly, to donate tissue. And no form of undue pressure may be used to influence a person’s decision to donate.

Do organ donors get free funerals?

Truth: There is no cost to the donor’s family for organ, eye and tissue donation. Expenses related to saving the individual’s life and funeral costs remain the responsibility of the donor’s family. Myth: Organ and tissue donors cannot have an open casket funeral.

Can family stop organ donation?

If you have registered that you don’t want to donate any of your organs or tissue, this may not be overruled by anyone. If you have registered that you want to be a donor, your relatives may overrule this only if they have compelling reasons to do so.

Why do many South Africans refuse to be organ donors?

So what explains South Africa’s organ donor shortage? Religious and cultural beliefs play a role, because they influence the decisions people make about the remains of their loved ones.

How many organ donors are there in South Africa?

Approximately 4300 people are waiting for a life-saving organ or cornea transplant in South Africa, but only 0,2% of our population are registered organ donors. Organ and tissue donation is a simple choice that will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time to register.

How can I contact the organ donor foundation?

Please contact the Organ Donor Foundation on: 0800 22 66 11 Toll Free line DURING OFFICE HOURS, or 082 318 4376 Emergency line AFTER HOURS. An Organ Donor Foundation staff member will ask you to provide the following details:

Are there any costs to become an organ donor?

Become an Organ Donor – There are No costs Involved for Donating an Organ There are no pay-outs for people who are looking to become an organ donor. The hospital or the state will cover all expenses of hospitalisation, medication and for the removal of organs. Are you desperate for an organ transplant and wonder which medical aid will help you?

How many people can be saved by organ donation?

Your heart, liver and pancreas can save 3 lives and your kidneys and lungs can help up to 4 people. Which tissues can be transplanted? You can help up to 50 people by donating your corneas, skin, bone and heart valves. What’s the difference between an organ and a tissue donor?