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How do I register my email with Forever Living Products?

Register yourself for Email and SMS Updates. It’s simple: For Email Updates: Send us an email at [email protected] with your Distributor… @flpindia : My email – [email protected] Id No.

How do I log into forever?

Register your email address, fill up the Change of Status Form and send a scanned copy to [email protected]

How do I unlock my Forever Living account?

In order to regain access to your account, you need to reset your password. Please select the option below to send yourself an e-mail that will let you do this. Access to the website and your account will be restored as soon as you confirm your new password.

How do I change my email address on forever living?

6) In the drop down menu, select the “My Profile” option. 7) Once you have clicked on the “My Profile” option, you will be redirected to the page where you will find the “Email and Phone Preferences” sub-option. 8) Enter your Email Address, Confirm Email Address along with other details & click the “SAVE” button.

How do I return something to FLP?

If you are not satisfied with any item, simply return the receipt to your Forever Business Owner, together with the unused part of the product or empty containers, within 60 days of the date of purchase, and your Forever Business Owner will refund the price paid.

What is my forever India app?

App Description We sell a wide range of Drinks, Nutrition and Weight Management products which are important for having a healthy lifestyle and helps in maintaining a balance of various vitamins, nutrients etc. required for maintaining a healthy body.

Is FLP a pyramid scheme?

Compensation in FLP is based upon the sale of its products. “FLP is not a pyramid scheme scam. It does not form a chain.

How do I create a FLP password?

5) Once you have clicked “Reset Password” button, you will receive an email on your email address which is registered with your ID# from [email protected] with the link to create the password. You will then need to click on the link and create the password.

What does CC mean in Forever Living?

case credit
A case credit (CC) is a value assigned to each product to calculate sales activity to determine advancements, bonuses, awards and earned incentives for a Forever Business Owner as set forth in the FLP Marketing Plan.