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How do I make my sliding burglar proof?

Burglar-proof your sliding doors

  1. 1) Add an additional lock. The standard locks that come with sliding and folding doors are often sub-standard.
  2. 2) Install some window film.
  3. 3) Have an alarm system.
  4. 4) Place additional sliding door patio bolts.
  5. Stay safe with help from the experts.

Are burglar bars legal?

In short, burglar bars are not illegal, but your state may have specific rules about the type you can use. You should also document the types of bars you install. In California, all real estate contracts must disclose any release mechanisms on window burglar bars.

How do burglars get in sliding doors?

How Burglars Bypass Sliding Glass Doors

  1. Breaking the Lock. As mentioned, most traditional sliding glass doors use a simple latch that hooks onto the door frame.
  2. Breaking the Glass. Most sliding glass doors are made of tempered glass, which can be easily shattered.
  3. Pulling the Door Out of its Frame.

How do you burglar proof a patio door?

There are many easy steps you can take that would deter potential burglars.

  1. Install Security Bar in the Track.
  2. Install Impact-Resistant Sliding Doors.
  3. How to Protect Sliding Glass Doors by Applying One-Way Window Film.
  4. Install Glass-Break Detectors or Door Sensors.
  5. Maintain the Track.
  6. Install a Better Lock.

What is a Charley bar?

The Wedgit Charley Bar sliding door lock bar serves as either a sliding glass door lock bar or a sash/sliding window lock bar, ensuring that your home remains secure. It can be released to hang vertically, preventing any obstruction when the lock is not in use.

Should you put bars on your windows?

Bars on a window can have a particularly strong deterrent effect. Bars over the windows can’t be removed without plenty of noisy effort, so a burglar is unlikely to even try. If you’re worried about crime in your neighborhood or feel that your home could easily be broken into, “burglar bars” may be a wise investment.

How safe are burglar bars?

Bars over windows can keep burglars from entering the home, but they can just as easily trap occupants inside if they aren’t installed correctly. “They’re meant for security reasons but in a fire situation they also become an entrapment,” said St. Petersburg Fire Lt. Steven Lawrence.

Do Burglars break sliding glass doors?

An intruder could simply throw a large object through the door or strike it with a hard object to break it. Tempered glass was designed to break into tiny pieces that don’t have sharp edges when shattered. As a result, burglars can enter through broken glass without getting hurt.