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How do I make a packaging template in Illustrator?

How to Create a Package File from a Template in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Go to File > New from Template .
  2. The directory brings you to the Templates folder inside the Adobe Illustrator folder.
  3. Select Boxes.
  4. A new file is created from the template with three carton die lines on separate artboards.

How do you make a 3D box in Illustrator?

Draw a square object on the artboard; hold down the Shift key to make a perfect square. Fill the square with gray. Next, we will convert the gray box into a 3D shape. Make sure the box is selected (if not, use the Selection Tool) and then go to Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel.

How do I create a mockup?

Here are the top 4 ways to create mockups:

  1. Create a custom mockup from scratch.
  2. Create reusable mockup templates.
  3. Use a mockup generator website.
  4. Use a mockup creator software plugin.

How do you make a mockup?

How to Make a Mockup in Photoshop

  1. Step 1: Find Great Photos.
  2. Step 2: Prepare Your Artwork.
  3. Step 3: Import Into Photoshop.
  4. Step 4: Adjust the Perspective.
  5. Step 1: Set Up Your Workspace.
  6. Step 2: Plan For a Responsive Website.
  7. Step 3: Use Line Guides.
  8. Step 4: Add Placeholders.

What is a dieline in packaging?

A dieline serves as the template for how the final packaging will be printed and formed to contain your product. They serve to tell the packaging equipment when to cut the film. Eyemarks differ in size, location, and color depending on the equipment and graphics.

How do you use a dieline template?

How to use dieline templates:

  1. Go to My Account and download your PDF dieline after placing your packaging order.
  2. Open your PDF dieline using Adobe Illustrator®.
  3. Lock the layer containing the dieline and make sure it is always kept on the top.
  4. Avoid moving, rotating or manipulating the dieline layer.