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How do I login to my Optavia account?

To access OPTAVIA CONNECT, visit Your login will require you to enter your username (email address associated with your account) and your password.

How do I cancel Optavia?

To cancel your OPTAVIA Premier order, sign in to your online account, and select “Cancel OPTAVIA Order.” You may also cancel your OPTAVIA Premier membership by contacting the Client Success Team at 1-888-OPTAVIA.

Is Optavia the same as take shape for life?

Weight loss company Medifast Inc. said Monday it plans to change the name of its direct selling subsidiary to Optavia from Take Shape For Life in July and introduced new “clean label” food products under the new brand name.

How much is Optavia monthly?

Cost. Expect to spend about $400 per month on an Optavia weight loss plan, plus the cost of purchasing any fresh produce or lean protein you want in addition to the premade meals and snacks.

How do Optavia coaches get paid?

OPTAVIA Coaches are compensated based on orders placed by their personally Sponsored and supported Clients. Coaches earn a 15% commission on the Personal Compensation Volume (PCV) of orders placed by their Frontline (Level 1) Clients.

Is the Optavia diet worth it?

BOTTOM LINE: The Optavia diet has been shown to result in short-term weight loss, but research is needed on its long-term effectiveness. The weight loss plan has limited food options and relies heavily on prepackaged, heavily processed meals and snacks.

Where can I find take shape for life?

Take Shape For Life, found at, is an online weight loss plan. Key features of the plan include a personal Health Coach and the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan that promises to help anyone lose weight quickly and safely while fighting back against unhealthy habits.

How does the take shape for life plan work?

According to Take Shape for Life reviews, the diet plan works. Take Shape for Life is about more than weight loss; this diet focuses on lifestyle changes to help you lose weight. Take Shape for Life includes weekly support calls from doctors, nurses, dietitians, and access to an online community.

Who is the founder of take shape for life?

Take Shape For Life uses a multilevel marketing commission structure that rewards coaches for recruiting other people and selling Medifast products. Medifast has been around since 1980. It was founded by Dr. William Vitale and is currently headquartered in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Who are the take shape for life health coaches?

Take Shape for Life health coaches are often people who achieved success with the program. The Take Shape for Life program provides a formulated meal plan helping users lose weight. The company has a Scientific Advisory Board reviewing the effectiveness, safety, and nutritional benefits.