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How do I identify Moorcroft pottery patterns?

All Moorcroft pieces have markings on the base. They will identify that the piece was made in England and the year the piece was made. The design year and initials will also show who the tubeliner or painter was. You might also find an artist’s mark, sometimes called a ‘Moorcroft signature’ or ‘monogram’.

Is Moorcroft pottery valuable?

Use Marks and Back Stamps for Age and Value Moorcroft markets more pottery globally today than ever before, far exceeding the output of the early 1900s. Congruently, since the newer pieces are more prolific, they are not as avidly sought or highly valued by avid art pottery collectors as the older wares.

How do you know if you have a Moorcroft second?

Moorcroft collectors should be aware of the Silver Stripe that sometimes appears and is almost always through the WM monogram. The Moorcroft silver stripe denotes a second quality or imperfect piece that has failed to pass the strict quality control that Moorcroft demands.

Are all Moorcroft vases signed?

Pottery made between 1928 and 1949 has the full signature of William Moorcroft, a Burslem stamp and a Made in England stamp changed as William Moorcroft moved from Macintyre & Co, at the start of the 20th Century, and set up his own factory in 1914.

What is the most expensive Moorcroft pottery?

Look out for items that are made pre-1945, particularly by those made by William Moorcroft. The most expensive items sold at Christie’s to date is a collection of ‘Claremont’ pottery circa 1905, which sold at London South Kensington in March 2010 for £15,000.

What is Moorcroft Florian Ware?

The Moorcroft factory produced an extensive array of moderately-priced domestic tableware items in addition to its famous tubelined, hand-painted art pottery. …

Who owns Moorcroft?


Industry Pottery
Key people William Moorcroft Hugh Edwards Rachel Bishop Sally Tuffin Emma Bossons Kerry Goodwin Vicky Lovatt Nicola Slaney
Products Art pottery
Owner Hugh and Maureen Edwards
Number of employees 120

What does a red dot mean on Moorcroft pottery?

Be aware: a silver line through the WM monogram denotes a second. In later pieces this may be a red dot or a ‘G’ inside a black circle. From the start, designs were catalogued and assigned a registration mark.

What is Moorcroft flambe?

Flambe (pronounced flom beyy) is a distinctive rich, deep-red glaze slashed with streaks of purple and turquoise used to decorate pottery, particularly porcelain.

What company is Moorcroft?

Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited is a well-established UK Debt Collection Agency (DCA), who specialise in debt collection from both individuals and businesses. Moorcroft is also a debt purchaser, meaning it buys debts from creditors like utilities companies, phone and internet providers and retailers.

Do Moorcroft send bailiffs?

The Moorcroft Group are not bailiffs. They are simply a debt collection agency. If they send field agents to your home, legally they are not allowed to force entry. However, Moorcroft Debt Recovery has the power to request a county court judgement if you owe money and do not pay.

Is Moorcroft pottery still being made?

Still fiercely independent, Moorcroft continues to create art pottery, using her renowned heritage craft techniques and acclaimed line up of designers, at the highest level in the Applied Arts. The Pottery’s ethos has always been that Moorcroft will continue to hold its revered name if design does not stand still.

When did Moorcroft start putting year marks on pottery?

In 1990, Moorcroft added year cyphers to the base of their pottery pieces. These are often symbols or designs to help identity the year the piece was made. You might see some copyright marks too; these show the date when the design was first used.

Who are the artists in the Moorcroft designs gallery?

The Moorcroft Designs Gallery includes mainly vases in the most popular designs produced by William Moorcroft and Walter Moorcroft. We’ve also included a few of the more modern designs by the artists from the Moorcroft Design Studio. Including Sally tuffin, Rachel Bishop, Philip Gibson, Emma Bossons and Sian Leeper.

Where can I find the monograms for Moorcroft?

Moorcroft signatures and marks help to identify who designed your piece of Moorcroft and can also be used to date pieces of Moorcroft. Today, members of the Design Studio, as well as guest designers, have their own monogram and these can be found at the back of each of our books. Click here to view Designers’ Monograms.

What kind of marking does Walter Moorcroft use?

This marking shows Walter Moorcroft’s initial markings. Pieces from this era might also have ‘Moorcroft’ and ‘Made in England’ clearly showing. This marking is Walter Moorcroft’s full signature mark. This is a rare marking and was only used on important pieces or limited editions.