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How do I get to Pulau Redang by bus?

The cheapest way to get from KL to Redang is to take a bus from KL to Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (Hentian Bas MPKT). From the bus terminal in KT to the jetty, it is a 15 minute walk or short taxi ride to the boats. These days, most buses from KL to KT leave from the TBS Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur.

Which month is best for Pulau Redang?

The Redang close period 2021 is between November and March. During these months the temperatures range between 28 and 30 degrees.

Which airport is closest to Pulau Redang?

Kuala Trengganu
The nearest airport to Redang Island is Kuala Trengganu (TGG). There is no direct connection from Nearby airports to Redang Island. However, you can take the line 102 bus to Merang Jetty, take the walk to Merang Jetty, then take the ferry to Redang Island.

How many hours KL to Redang?

The drive to Redang from KL takes about 4.75 hours but it allows more freedom as you can make stops along the way.

How do you fly to Pulau Redang?

getting to Redang by plane The airport is located on the south side of the island near the Kampung jetty. The only airline flying into Redang Island is Berjaya Air from Kuala Lumpur’s Subang Airport (55min flight time) and the Changi Airport in Singapore Kuala Lumpur’s Subang Airport (80min flight time).

How do I get from KL to Redang?

How to Get from Kuala Lumpur to Pulau Redang

  1. Take a domestic flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu.
  2. Take a taxi to Shahbandar Jetty located in downtown Kuala Terengganu.
  3. Buy your ticket and your environmental fee.
  4. Arrive at the actual jetty on time.
  5. Get off Berjaya Jetty if you’re staying in Kampung Baru.

Is Redang Island worth visiting?

Redang is a perfect area to dive. It is known for its amazing visibility and pristine coral reefs.

What is so special about Pulau Redang?

REDANG – A PARADISE FOR DIVING AND SNORKELLING Hence, Redang is abound with magnificent corals and marine life, as well as crystal clear waters and clean white sandy beaches. The island is a haven for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming.

How do I get from Kuala Terengganu to Redang Island?

The quickest way to get from Kuala Terengganu Airport to Redang Island is to line 102 bus and ferry which costs RM 50 – RM 60 and takes 2h 9m. What is the distance between Kuala Terengganu Airport and Redang Island? The distance between Kuala Terengganu Airport and Redang Island is 45 km.

Does Tioman Island have an airport?

Tioman Airport (IATA: TOD, ICAO: WMBT), also known as Pulau Tioman Airport, is an airport serving Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia. It is located next to Tekek village (Kampung Tekek). The airport currently has no scheduled airline operations, with just one operator offering regular charter services.

Does Berjaya Air still fly to Redang?

Berjaya Air offers exclusive private jet flight services from Subang Skypark Terminal. Berjaya Air previously operated services to the following destinations in Malaysia: Subang, Tioman, Redang and Pangkor as well as to Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore.

Can we travel to Pulau Redang?

Visitors can get to Pulau Redang via direct flights operated by Berjaya Air from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (Subang Airport) in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore’s Changi Airport Budget Terminal. Pre-arrangements should be made with their respective resorts to ensure smooth transfers between the airport and the resort.