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How do I get to Keekwulee Falls?

Keekwulee Falls is about 1 mile farther. Directions: From Interstate 90, take Exit 47 and turn north and cross over the interstate. Turn right on Forest Road 9034, then left on Forest Road 5800 following the signs to Denny Creek Campground.

How long does the Lulumahu Falls hike take?

TLDR: 90 min hike, wear shoes, kind of muddy, get a permit but dnr didn’t even ask for it, enjoy the waterfall at the end.

Do you need a permit for Lulumahu Falls?

TECHNICALLY, YOU DO NEED A PERMIT Lulumahu Falls is on private property and The Hawaii Division of Forestry & Wildlife requests that hikers obtain a day permit. PREPARE TO GET WET During the hike, you’ll run in several streams that need crossing.

Is Snow Lake Trail open?

Area Status: Open Snow Lake Trail is the most frequented trail in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. If you want to avoid crowds try getting an early start and avoid warm sunny weekends.

Is Lulumahu falls a hard hike?

Difficulty level This hike is rated as moderate. There is a slight incline as you get to the waterfall. The trail gets its moderate rating because you have to you cross a few slippery streams, which can be tricky. You also have to climb over rocks at a few points.

How far is Lulumahu Falls hike?

2 miles
Lulumahu falls is one of Oahu’s most popular unsanctioned hiking trails. This short 2 miles round trip trail is more like a cross-fit training course than a hiking trail.

Is Lulumahu open?

Lulumahu Falls trail remains open after a fallen boulder injures two hikers. HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – The state Department of Land and Natural Resources said the hike to Lulumahu Falls in Nuuanu will remain open after a rockfall injured two visitors Thursday.

Does Little Si require a pass?

There is a trail connecting the two. Be warned that both lots may be full on weekends. There are two toilets in the main parking just off the trailhead. Discover Pass is required.