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How do I get rid of ants in my artificial lawn?

From time to time we’ve been asked how to get rid of ants on synthetic grass surfaces. Based on publicly available information, we would recommend products like Mortein Nest Kill Ant Baits (or any other type of enclosed bait for ants).

Does artificial turf absorb sound?

Less Noise Turf is a great sound insulator. Installing synthetic grass is particularly helpful if you live in a noisy area. The turf soaks up noise from traffic and passersby. Some people even go so far as installing green walls to help dampen the noise.

How do you fix matted artificial grass?

You can fix this by simply brushing the grass with a regular broom. The fibers were only flat for a short period of time, but will rise and show themselves in their full glory. Your artificial lawn will look brand-new again.

Can you jet wash artificial grass?

Yes! Power washing the turf will clean the artificial grass quickly. Keep the power washer nozzle at least a foot away from the artificial turf to avoid damage. Try and angle the nozzle as you spray the turf as this has the effect of fluffing the green blades upright.

How do I make my artificial grass pile stand up?

How do I make artificial grass stand up?

  1. Use a broom – the old school method. It may seem quite obvious, but when grass is looking a little despondent, you can perk up your grass by sweeping over it to raise the strands.
  2. Use an artificial grass power brush.
  3. Other advice.

How do I stop my artificial grass smelling?

This requires a thorough cleaning, nothing more. Pets – If your pets do their ones and twos on artificial turf, it might smell bad because of some residue urine on it. You can use a solution of water or vinegar and baking soda and get rid of the smells in just a couple of minutes.

Can I power hose artificial grass?

Which is the best synthetic grass company in Seattle?

Synthetic Turf Northwest has been the Seattle and Puget Sound area’s leader in residential and commercial synthetic turf projects for over 20 years. We carry top quality Synthetic Grass products and provide industry leading design work and installation.

What do you need to know about synthetic grass?

Modern synthetic grass blades are meticulously inspected for appearance, feel, and durability. They create a low-maintenance play area or outdoor space to be proud of.

What are the uses of synthetic turf northwest?

Since its introduction to the world, synthetic turf has found many uses outside of professional sports. At Synthetic Turf Northwest, we only use the best available materials to create lush greenery for our clients.

When did they start putting in artificial grass?

Get your free synthetic turf installation estimate today; we install artificial turf for myriad purposes, including: Synthetic turf has been in use since the early 60’s when David Chany, a Dean at the N.C. University of Textiles, thought to implement an “indoor grass.”