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How do I get credits on AIA?

You can earn continuing education credits by taking courses from registered AIA CES providers. Members may also self-report other activities (courses taken from other providers, independent research, attending events, etc.) for a limited number of LUs. You may not self-report for HSW credit..

What is an associate member of the AIA?

Associate membership is open to those who have a professional degree in architecture, work under the supervision of an architect, are enrolled in AXP, or are a faculty member in a university architecture program.

Are AIA membership dues tax deductible?

Tax deductible dues statement For state and federal income tax purposes, payments to the AIA and its components are generally deductible as trade or business expenses—except for the percentage spent on lobbying federal or state governments.

How much is AIA membership fee?

Cost of AIA membership for a small firm An individual membership is $442 per year and costs $600 each year thereafter to renew. Adding your firm of 5 or less employees costs an additional $100 per year. So for a small firm (like ours) a typical non-introductory annual fee would be $700 per year.

What is a HSW credit?

In order for programs to qualify for Health , Safety and Welfare (HSW) credit, providers must demonstrate that 75% of the content specifically addresses one or more HSW-related issues. Programs that qualify for HSW credit are identified as “AIA/CES Learning Unit (HSW)” or “AIA/CES LU (HSW).”

Do I need an AIA membership?

AIA membership is an essential investment in your own future at every stage of your career. Architect Member (AIA) Individuals with an architectural license from a U.S. licensing authority are eligible for Architect membership.

What is AIA membership?

An AIA membership connects you to this global community of 94,000 professionals who share your passion for architecture, design, and the built environment. It also connects you to opportunities to mold the architecture profession, public policy, and practice.

Is it worth it to join AIA?

It’s definitely been worth it for me. If you’re a new grad and can take advantage of the free membership deal, there’s really no reason not to join even if your local chapter isn’t as active.

What are the benefits of AIA?

AIA is where the architecture and design communities come together to share knowledge, gain expertise, get connected, and stay involved. An AIA membership connects you to this global community of 94,000 professionals who share your passion for architecture, design, and the built environment.

Is it worth joining AIA?

What does a HSW do?

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Home Support Worker HSWs visit individuals’ homes and help with the following: Light housekeeping and laundry. Meal planning and preparation. Medication reminders.

What is a CE credit?

A continuing education unit (CEU), or continuing education credit (CEC), is a measure used in continuing education programs to assist the professional to maintain their license in their profession. CEUs are required to keep your certifications current.

How to get AIA credit for continuing education?

Make sure to get credit Look for AIA-approved providers to earn LUs that apply to your AIA requirements. When you take a course, provide your AIA member number and we’ll automatically update your AIA member transcript. Most state licensing boards accept the AIA transcript as verification that you have completed continuing education courses.

How many LUs do AIA associate members need?

AIA Architect and International Associate members are required to complete 18 LUs from registered AIA/CES providers each year. Of the 18 LUs, 12 must be in the topic areas of health, safety and welfare (HSW). Architect Emeritus members are required to complete 1 LU annually.

Who is the current Chief Executive Officer of AIA?

The search to recruit a successor to EVP and Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy, who will retire at the end of 2021, is underway. AIA’s Board of Directors, led by 2021 AIA President Peter Exley, FAIA, has retained the executive search firm Spencer Stuart to assist with the search.

What is the AIA code of ethics and professional conduct?

AIA members are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence. The AIA Code of Ethics guides members’ conduct in fulfilling those obligations. The Code applies to the professional activities of all AIA members, regardless of their membership category.