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How do I get a deed for my property in Hawaii?

If you wish to get a certified copy of your deed, go to the bureau’s website,, click on “FAQs” in the right column, then No. 20 on the list; or call 587-0154 for information.

Where are deeds recorded in Hawaii?

Q: Where is the Bureau of Conveyances located? A: 1151 Punchbowl Street, Room #120 (Kalanimoku Building), Honolulu, HI 96813.

Is a deed to a house public record?

A property deed is a legal document that describes a parcel of real estate, including its location, boundaries, and current owner. Property ownership is a matter of public record, so you can get the ownership information for a home if you have the address.

How do you hold a title for property in Hawaii?

There are three common ways to hold property jointly between two people in the State of Hawaii: joint tenants (with rights of survivorship), tenants by the entirety, or tenants in common.

How do I get my deed to my house after I pay it off?

After paying off your mortgage you need to collect your Certificate of Title (title deeds) and a Discharge of Mortgage signed by the bank. The Discharge of Mortgage must then be registered at the Land Titles Office and you will be issued with a new Certificate of Title clear of any mortgage.

How long does it take to record a deed in Hawaii?

Once we open a file, we usually have the documents drafted and sent out within 7 – 10 business days. Once we receive the properly executed documents, we normally record within 2 – 3 days and then distribute recorded copies within 2 – 3 business days.

What is common property in real estate?

First, Common Property is real property that is owned by “tenants in common.” Because it is Common Property, the “tenants in common” each have an “undivided interest” in the entire property altogether. Resources grown on lands that are owned by “tenants in common” would also be considered Common Property.

How do I file a quit claim deed in Hawaii?

Filing: Hawaii quitclaim deeds are filed either with the Hawaii Land Court or the Hawaii County Clerk, in the county where the property resides. Filing Fees: The state of Hawaii charges a recording fee based on the number of pages. If the document is 50 pages or less, it is $36 to record it.