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How do I find rentals in Los Angeles?

Use a Los Angeles Apartment Finder app or site.

  1. Westside Rentals.
  3. Apartment List.
  5. HotPads.
  7. Zumper.
  8. Craigslist.

Are apartment rents going down in Los Angeles?

Apartment Guide’s May 2021 Rental Report found that L.A. has the second-biggest decrease in one-bedroom rent prices year-over-year, behind only San Francisco, at 18.4 percent down.

How safe is MacArthur Park LA?

The area surrounding MacArthur Park, one of the poorest areas of Los Angeles, has widely reported crime rates. Considered to be MS-13 territory, many poorer locals of the area, especially those doing illicit business in the park, are forced to pay a “tax” to the gang in exchange for being left alone.

What do I need to rent an apartment in California?

What Do You Need to Rent an Apartment?

  1. Personal contact information.
  2. Social security number.
  3. Vehicle information.
  4. Driver’s license number or state ID.
  5. Current and previous address/rental information.
  6. Current and previous employment information.
  7. Proof of income.
  8. Past landlords and personal references.

Is Westlake a bad neighborhood?

Although Westlake is not a safe neighborhood as there is many dangerous in the neighborhood from gunshots to homeless to drug addicts,it is still a nice community. I feel connected to the people here and there is a lot of good places to eat at.

Which is the best site to rent a house in La?

TOP 10 SEARCH SITES FOR RENTING IN LA 1 Zillow. 2 Zumper. 3 Lovely. 4 Radpad. 5 Padmapper. 6 Hotpads. 7 Rent Jungle. 8 Westside Rentals. 9 Walkscore. 10 The Rental Girl.

How much does it cost to rent apartment in Los Angeles?

The average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA is $2964. What are the average rent costs of a three bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA? The average rent for a 3 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA is $3524. What are the average rent costs of a four bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA?

Where to look for apartments in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has over 80 districts and neighborhoods – and they are all diverse, with unique features and qualities. When searching for Los Angeles apartments, start with the region you want. If you prefer to live near the beaches and LAX, look in Malibu, Venice Beach, San Pedro, and Santa Monica.

Who is the rental girl in Los Angeles?

The Rental Girl is a leasing agency with branches throughout Los Angeles. Each branch is operated by a unique agent who specializes in her area. All agents at The Rental Girl are California licensed Real Estate agents who specialize in helping renters and home buyers with all their real estate needs.