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How do I find an item number on my Target?

Go to Type the SKU number into the search box at the top of the page. Click the magnifying glass icon to search for your item. A new window will come up with the product matching that DPCI number.

How do I find a store at Target?

  1. Navigate to the home page.
  2. In the upper right hand side of the home page, select Find stores.
  3. Enter a ZIP code, or city and state, and then Find store to review a local store list and learn more about store directions, hours, phone number, services, or Make it my store.

Does Eugene have a Target?

Visit your Target in Eugene, OR for all your shopping needs including clothes, lawn & patio, baby gear, electronics, groceries, toys, games, shoes, sporting goods and more. We serve our guests in 49 states nationwide and at

Where is the barcode number on a target receipt?

The barcode scanner is located on the Discover tab, top right barcode scanner icon. If your receipt won’t scan, you can manually enter your receipt number on the app by selecting the Enter receipt number button.

What is a Tcin?

Rating. TCIN. Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience.

Where is aisle on target website?

Search for additional information inside the listing – if it says just a generic area name in this top area. Scroll down until you see an area just below “Planning a Target Run” and the “Add to list” button appears, you’ll see an area called “Aisle (aisle number)” and it’s availability at this store.

What is Target’s company ID?

To get your target company id (division id), in Exact, navigate to the Company > Settings page. Take this number and enter it in the Shiptheory settings page, and hit save.

Where is the barcode on my Target order?

The barcode should automatically display when you open the Target app. You can also find a quick link to the barcode on the Target app homepage or in the Account tab under Purchases.

Where is the barcode on Target app?

In-store you can use the barcode scanner, found on the Discover tab in the app to scan any UPC code.