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How do I connect my soundbar to my Bluetooth speaker?

Press and hold the SETUP button of your left rear Wireless Speaker until you hear a confirmation sound. Select I hear a sound. Repeat the process for the right rear Wireless Speaker: press and hold the SETUP button of the speaker until you hear a confirmation sound. Select I hear a sound.

How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Philips soundbar?

Bluetooth, search for and select PHILIPS HTL5140 to start connection (see the user manual of the Bluetooth device on how to enable Bluetooth). » During connection, BT on the display panel blinks. 3 Wait until the SoundBar beeps. » When the Bluetooth connection succeeds, BT is displayed on the display panel.

How do I put my Philips soundbar in pairing mode?

Plug the Soundbar and the subwoofer into the mains sockets and then press on the unit or remote control to switch the unit to ON mode. The subwoofer and Soundbar will automatically pair. When the subwoofer is pairing with the Soundbar, the Pair indicator on the subwoofer will flash fast.

Can I add wireless speakers to my soundbar?

Firstly, soundbars very rarely support audio output, as they’re mostly input devices which means you can’t directly connect other speakers to soundbars. Unless you have a stereo mixer or 5.1 channel audio receiver with outputs for multiple channels the audio will not mix well, and may only come from two speakers.

Is Philips Soundbar Bluetooth?

You can connect almost any source to your Philips soundbar. Hook up Blu-Ray and DVD players, games consoles, and more. Audio-in and Bluetooth let you stream music. Models with HDMI-out (ARC) let you control the soundbar with your TV remote.

Is Philips soundbar Bluetooth?

Can I add wireless rear speakers to my soundbar?

However, there are a few ways to add additional rear speakers to your soundbar. However, not every soundbar supports external speakers. If your soundbar does not then there are other options. You could try using a universal rear speaker kit (ideally with two inputs), or you could try using a 5.1 AV receiver.

Can I hook up speakers to my soundbar?

Yes, you can add wired speakers to your soundbar. However, it’s going to be difficult because soundbars are made to stand alone. They’re not manufactured with speaker outs so you have to use a receiver, a stereo mixer, and RCA cables to add wired speakers.