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How do I choose a cabin in Hocking Hills?

Many of Hocking Hills’ attractions are spread out, so you might want to pick a cabin that’s centrally-located to minimize drive times. Cabins located within 15-20 minutes of most attractions are ideal. Availability and minimum stays – most Hocking Hills cabins require minimum stays, especially on weekends.

How many cabins does Hocking Hills have?

Hocking Hills Availability Search Choose from over 900 cabins, cottages, treehouses and more.

Are Hocking Hills Cabins air conditioned?

All our vacation rentals (7 in total) are located in the heart of Hocking hills and has a fully equipped kitchen, hot tub, heat and air conditioning, TV, full bath, grill, fire ring.

How much is it to stay at Hocking Hills?

Hocking Hills Lodging Rates Cabins (additional fees for more than two guests) start at $299 and include a hearty breakfast. Yurts for up to two guests 12 years of age and older start at $249 and include a hearty breakfast. Cottages for up to two guests start at $249 and include a hearty breakfast.

Can you do Hocking Hills in a day?

Hocking Hills State Park is 9.5 square miles, full of surprising natural beauty crisscrossed by winding trails and roads. Here are some of the highlights; you could also spend a day or more hiking at or between these sights.

What’s the closest city to Hocking Hills?

Hocking Hills State Park is located in Logan, Ohio, about 60 miles southeast of downtown Columbus. The closest hotels are 10 miles to the northeast in Logan.

Are there poisonous snakes in Hocking Hills?

Today, venomous snakes are rare in the state, decimated by loss of habitat and human predation, but there are still some around and outdoor folk should be aware of them. Timber rattlers, for example, are found in Adams, Scioto, Pike, Ross, Gallia, Jackson, Vinton and Hocking counties.

What snakes are in Hocking Hills?

Copperhead, black rat and ring-necked snakes can be found in remote rocky ledges.

Are there any cabins in Hocking Hills Ohio?

The Kodiak Lodge by Autumn Leaf Cabins! Brand new for 2021, The Kodiak Lodge accommodates up to 16 guests, 10 if all adults. Spend your getaway relaxing on your private dock with your favorite book, or inside relaxing by the fireplace. Comfortable Lodging in Hocking Hills.

Which is the newest luxury lodge in Hocking Hills?

The Treehouse Lodge is Hocking Hills newest luxury lodge, accommodating up to 12 guests, 8 if all adults. The lodge was custom built with authentic wood beams and gives you the true ambiance of The Hocking Hills.

How big is the breeze Lodge in Hocking Hills?

Hocking Hills newest luxury lodge for 2021, with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, is The Lovely Breeze Lodge. This luxurious lodge features an 18×40 heated inground pool surrounded by loungers, stunning landscape and custom fire ring. The lodge boasts a large wrap around deck with an 8-10…

Where are the Hocking Hills cabins in Logan Utah?

Located in Hocking Hills our cabin is a 10 minute drive to Old Man’s Cave, Lake Logan and historic downtown Logan. Situated on 15+ acres, the private cabin has access to hiking, sightseeing and swimming.