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How do I change the camera settings on my Motorola phone?

From the Home screen, tap Apps. Tap Camera. Swipe the screen to the right to open the Settings menu….Choose from the following setting options:

  1. HDR.
  2. Flash.
  3. Touch to focus.
  4. Slow Motion.
  5. Panorama.
  6. Geo-tag.
  7. Shutter Tone.
  8. Quick Capture.

How do I get my Moto G camera to focus?

To adjust the focus range:

  1. Touch .
  2. Drag to , then slide from left (focus on foreground) to right (focus on background) to select focus range.

What is Google lens?

At its core, Google Lens is best described as a search engine for the real world. It uses artificial intelligence to identify text and objects both within images and in a live view from your phone’s camera, and it then lets you learn about and interact with those elements in all sorts of interesting ways.

How do I increase the zoom on my phone camera?

You can zoom or magnify to see your Android device’s screen better.

  1. Step 1: Turn on magnification. Open your device’s Settings app . Tap Accessibility, then tap Magnification. Turn on Magnification shortcut.
  2. Step 2: Use magnification. Zoom in and make everything bigger. Tap the accessibility button. .

What is professional mode in camera?

Pro mode in Android: Use a high shutter speed for action shots. A shorter or faster shutter speed traps less light on the sensor but is able to freeze any action in time.

How many cameras are in Moto G fast?

On the back of the phone, the Moto G Fast has a triple camera setup with a 16MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide (118˚) and a 2MP macro camera.

How do I zoom in Moto G?

To use the digital zoom (of course there is no optical zoom in smartphones) of Moto G camera, simple drag up or down with one finger (as shown in right). The available digital zoom of Moto G camera is between 1X – 4X. in the screen. You can also take a still shot when you are using Moto G camera for video recording.

What is focus mode Motorola?

Focus mode is a new Digital Wellbeing tool on Android, now out of beta, that helps you get things done by temporarily pausing apps so you can focus on the task at hand. Focus mode will also silence those apps’ notifications until you’re ready to switch out of the mode.

What is Lens app used for?

You can use Google Lens to identify real-world objects with your camera and find information about plants, animals, landmarks, restaurants, products, and more. To use Google Lens with your camera and Google Assistant, you must have an Android phone.

What Google Lens can detect?

Google Lens is a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you’re looking at and use that information to copy or translate text, identify plants and animals, explore locales or menus, discover products, find visually similar images, and take other useful actions.