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How do I add postage to a franking machine?

Refill / Add postage to your meter using Your Account online

  1. In this window, at top left is your current Meter Balance.
  2. Select the Add Postage to Meter button at top left.
  3. An area appears to enter the amount of postage you wish to add.

How do you clean a postage meter?

How to Clean a Pitney Bowes Mail Meter

  1. Unplug the mail meter from the wall.
  2. Open the cover of the mail meter. Spray the canned air inside the whole machine to remove dirt and dust.
  3. Dampen a lint-free cloth with cleaning solution.
  4. Open an alcohol wipe.
  5. Spray a lint-free towel with the cleaning solution.

How do I add money to my Pitney Bowes meter?

Select a refill option.

  1. Select Add $– to refill the same amount of postage as the last time you refilled postage.
  2. Select Add another amount to specify the amount of money you wish to transfer from your Pitney Bowes account to your meter. Enter the amount on the keypad. Select Continue. Press Yes/Enter to confirm.

How do I change the postage on my Pitney Bowes machine?

Step 2: Update your USPS rates

  1. Press Options on your Home screen.
  2. Press Page Down twice.
  3. Select Connect-Data Center.
  4. Select Uploads & Downloads.
  5. If your screen displays Update Available or Update Required, select Get Update Now.
  6. Select Continue when the screen displays New Rates Downloaded Install Successful.

How do I add money to my Pitney Bowes machine?

How much is a postage meter machine?

Postage meter rental rates typically start at around $20 per month for the most basic machines, rising to over $1,000 per month for dedicated mail processing stations. On top of the rental fees, there are extra costs to think about such as ink, paper, and maintenance.

How big is the dm100i digital franking machine?

DM100i Digital Franking Machine DPM Version# Version 2 Article Sizes Min: 127mm x 76 mm; Max: 381 mm x 330 mm Postage; Slogan & Postal Tariff download Through Intellilink Date & Time Setting Automatic Electronic Password (Alphanumeric) Yes, 6 digit

How many letters per minute does the dm100i mail?

The time has come to expect more from your current mail processing procedures. DM100i operates with a speed of 25 to 35 letters per minute. The all new easy-to-use DM100i Series Desktop Mailing Systems will amaze you with their simplicity and convenient capabilities.

What causes print quality on Pitney Bowes dm100i?

Print quality on your DM100i™ and DM125™ can be affected by a number of things — from lack of use to overuse. When your meter sits idle for a long span, ink drops from previous printings can dry out and clog the nozzles in your print head

How big can a parcel go on a dm100i?

Heavy duty scale platform that can handle parcels up to 35kg. And there’s no need to sort mail into separate weights and sizes. The DM100i Series differential weighing will apply the correct rate to each item as it’s removed from the scales.