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How do I activate my holiday express train?

Press the “On/Off” switch in the center of the controller to turn the train on. The power indicator light above the switch will illuminate. Press the up and down buttons to increase and decrease the speed and volume of train and its sounds.

How does a train set work?

When the train is placed on the rails, electricity flows through the rails to the wheels. Wires attached to contacts resting on the wheels then carry the electricity to a motor inside the train giving it the power to operate.

How do you store a train set?

8 Essential Rules for Storing Model Trains

  1. Do: Store Your Collection in Their Boxes.
  2. Don’t: Wrap Trains & in Newspaper, Bubble Wrap, or Clothing.
  3. Do: Wrap Your Trains in Acid-Free Tissue Paper.
  4. Don’t: Combine Items for Storage.
  5. Do: Develop a Safe Method for Short Term Storage.
  6. Don’t: Store Trains Loose in Boxes.

What is a train and how does it work?

A train is a whole package of railroad cars, railroad tracks, switches, signals and a locomotive (although not all trains rely on locomotives to get them moving). The locomotive, first, changes the chemical energy from the fuel (wood, coal, diesel fuel) into the kinetic energy of motion.

How do train sets work?

With the locomotive on the track, the electricity flows through one rail, through one side of the locomotive’s wheels to its motor, which begins to turn, then through the other side of its wheels and back through the other rail to be returned to the controller.

How do train wheels stay on the track?

To help the wheels stay on the track their shape is usually slightly conical. This means that the inside of the wheel has a larger circumference than the outside of the wheel. (They also have a flange, or raised edge, on the inner side to prevent the train from falling off the tracks.)