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How did Taking Back Sunday get its name?

Antonio Longo, who had been in the band One True Thing was recruited to sing. The band played a few local venues while going through different band names, before settling on “Taking Back Sunday”, a name of a song from the bands’ friends, The Waiting Process.

What’s the story with Brand New and Taking Back Sunday?

In the early 2000s, every emo kid was either Team Brand New or Team Taking Back Sunday. The Long Island-based bands had been in a long-standing, well-publicized feud after the girlfriend of Brand New’s lead singer Jesse Lacey reportedly cheated on him with TBS’s John Nolan.

When did take back Sunday start?

Taking Back Sunday released a five-song demo in early 2001, after which, they toured for most of the year. They rented a room in Lindenhurst, New York, where they wrote and demoed songs….Year-end charts.

Chart (2003) Position
US Billboard Independent Albums Year-end 10

What type of music is Taking Back Sunday?

Taking Back Sunday/Genres

When did Fred join Taking Back Sunday?

Though he wouldn’t elaborate on just what made him decide to leave TBS — the band he joined in 2003 that rode to impressive heights thanks to 2004’s Where You Want to Be and last year’s Louder Now (see “Taking Back Sunday Record New Album, Duck Crazy People In Los Angeles”) — he did say that it was something that was …

How long was Jesse Lacey in Taking Back Sunday?


Name Years active Release contributions
Jesse Lacey 1999–2001 Taking Back Sunday EP (2000)
Steven DeJoseph
Antonio Longo Taking Back Sunday EP (2000) and Lullaby EP (2001)
Fred Mascherino 2003–07 all Taking Back Sunday releases from Where You Want to Be (2004) to Louder Now: PartTwo (2007)

Is Taking Back Sunday an emo?

Taking Back Sunday is an American Post-Hardcore/Emo Rock band based Long Island, New York. One of the first emo rock bands, they pioneered the Emo music style and subculture ever since their formation in 1999.