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How can I see the Christmas Star on December 21 2020?

To view the Christmas Star, look towards the western horizon on December 21. You will find the planets near the moon just after sunset between December 16th and Christmas Day, with their closest meeting on December 21. Illustration of the crescent Moon passing near the planets in mid-December, from EarthSky.

Where can I find the Christmas Star?

The only time to see the “Christmas Star” effect is about an hour after sunset. Look towards the southwest sky with an unobstructed view about 15 degrees from the horizon. Gering said as long as you look towards the southwest direction, they’ll be so bright you can’t miss it.

What time will the star of Bethlehem take place?

Notice it is set for December 21st at 17:46, which is 5:46 p.m. Start looking any time after the sun sets at 5:15 p.m. low in the southwestern sky. You’ll need a low horizon, so tall trees and houses around you will be a problem.

What time does the great conjunction start?

Don’t miss them! The Virtual Telescope Project in Rome will be showing the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020, starting at 16:00 UTC; translate UTC to your time. In the telescopic view, you’ll see both planets and some of their moons!

Where do I look for the Christmas star tonight?

Those looking to see the star will want to look above the southwestern or western horizon just after sunset, experts said. Here are some viewing tips from NASA: Find a spot with an unobstructed view of the sky, such as a field or park, as the two planets can be seen from most cities nationwide.

What is the best time to see the Christmas star?

The best time to see the Christmas Star is on the evening of Dec. 21, 2020, within the hour following your local sunset. You need to find the sweet spot of when the sky is completely dark, but before Jupiter and Saturn set — and this should apply no matter where you are on Earth.

How long will star of Bethlehem be visible?

800 years
Roughly every 800 years. According to several astronomers, this type of planetary alignment will not be seen again until the year 2080 and then again in 2400.

What time should I watch the Great Conjunction?

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn The last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was in mid-2000. Throughout the first half of December 2020, you will be able to see these two planets appearing to draw closer together each night. The best time to see them is about an hour after your local sunset time.

When do Saturn and Jupiter align for Christmas?

That’s right. The planets Saturn and Jupiter will align on December 21 and will form a “ Christmas star ” shape in their alignment. Just how rare is this phenomenon?

Is there going to be another Christmas Star?

It won’t take quite as long for this to happen again, though. Another Christmas Star is expected to appear in the night sky in 2080. It won’t even be a “Christmas” star then, though, as the alignment is expected in May, sixty years from now.

When does the Christmas Star appear in the night sky?

Another Christmas Star is expected to appear in the night sky in 2080. It won’t even be a “Christmas” star then, though, as the alignment is expected in May, sixty years from now. Unlike some spectacular celestial occurrences, those who wish to witness the 2020 Christmas Star won’t have to stay up all night.

When is the Christmas star in December 2020?

Download our FREE 25-Day Advent Readings Guide to celebrate this season with friends and family. What Is the ‘Christmas Star’ of 2020? As mentioned above, the Christmas Star of 2020 will occur in late December when Saturn and Jupiter align. The two planets, together, will look like a “double planet” and will produce a significant amount of light .