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How can I raise money for my golf clubs?

How to raise additional funds through your golf tournament

  1. Offer a simultaneous skills workshop.
  2. Set up a cash bar golf cart.
  3. Create “mini-course” contests.
  4. Let players buy mulligans.
  5. Get corporate sponsors for a golf tournament.
  6. Sell nonprofit merchandise.
  7. Offer ticket packages.

Can you make money on golfing fundraiser?

If the golfer wins, they are paid double! If the pro wins, the money is donated to your organization. For Pay the Pro, each golfer can donate a specific dollar amount for the pro to drive the ball for them. See if your pro can offer a few lessons individually, too!

How do I set up a golf fundraiser?

Here’s how to put it together:

  1. Contact a golf course for your fundraiser.
  2. Create a planning document for your fundraising committee.
  3. Decide what fee you will charge for your fundraiser.
  4. Assemble a sponsorship packet for your fundraiser.
  5. Create fliers to hand our for your fundraiser.
  6. Make sure you have food at your fundraiser.

How do golf fundraisers work?

Host a fundraising raffle and/or silent auction. Golf tournament contests add excitement to your golf fundraiser by giving golfers an opportunity to win money and prizes. They also provide an opportunity for your organization to raise more money for your cause by collecting wagers and fees for participating.

Can a golf day be a good fundraiser?

Whether you’re a golf club, charity or any other type of fundraising cause, a golf day is definitely a fundraiser worth looking into! BUT PLEASE NOTE… Running a profitable Golf day will take much effort, organization and planning. I would definitely not recommend running one if you’re planning to do it by yourself…

What kind of golf tournaments are there for charity?

Besides an open golf tournament, there are two popular formats for hosting a charity golf event: best ball and scramble. Here is how both formats work for golf fundraising. Best-ball tournament: Best-ball tournaments allow participants to play all 18 holes with their balls.

Where can I donate to a golf tournament?

Also inform people how they can donate online on your Golf Tournament Website. Another feature that your tournament website has, is a Participant Pledge feature. Participants are able to register on your Golf Day Website and setup their own fundraising page.

How much money can you raise at a golf tournament?

Each golfer can easily raise $250 or $500 on their personal fundraising page, by tapping into their friends and family. Often, the golfer is not charged to play in your fundraising golf tournament if they meet your minimum donation standards.