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How big is the track at Flemington Racecourse?

Location: about 6 kms northeast of the Melbourne CBD, Flemington can be accessed by car, tram or train. Being adjacent to the Maribyrnong river also permits access by boat. The Track: With a sweeping turn into the wide home straight, the circumference of the course is 2312 metres.

How does the GoingStick work at Flemington Racecourse?

Scroll down for more track bias info. GoingStick: Since 2016 the track reports from Flemington have been based on information from the GoingStick, which measures the penetration resistance of the surface to a depth of 100mm and the shear strength of the rootzone in a way that mimics the action of a galloping horse.

How many runners can run in straight six at Flemington?

1000m -1200m – the ‘straight six’ (named for its six furlongs) with barriers placed at the end of the chute which leads into the home straight, giving one long straight run to the winning post. Fields can be large with a maximum number of 22 runners.

The Flemington racetrack is shaped similar to a pear, with a long 1,200m straight (including chute) and a circumference of 2.312 kilometres and a final straight of 450 metres with races are run in an anti-clockwise direction.

What makes a horse win a Flemington race?

Flemington racecourse track with a lot of space for runners and gives all horses an solid chance of luck in the running. and and races can be won by horses who love to lead, those who race on the pace, and runners who love to time their run late.

Is the Melbourne Cup at Flemington in the spring?

Flemington is home to both Autumn and Spring Racing Carnivals with the Melbourne Cup Carnival is the main attraction for racing enthusiasts in the spring. Many of the best Australian and international gallopers head to Melbourne each spring for the most exciting thoroughbred racing action in Australia.

Which is the best way to get to Flemington?

The train to Flemington Racecourse Station is still a generally the best option to get to Flemington race meetings, however the track is also a nice short 10-minute walk from Newmarket station. For any further information on how to get to Flemington racecourse, please visit the official Flemington Racecourse website.