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How big is Hagley Park in Christchurch?

Hagley Park is renowned for its extensive area of 165 hectares (407 acres), its wide-open spaces and mature woodlands. It comprises North and South Hagley Park which are separated by Riccarton Avenue and bordered by Deans, Hagley, Rolleston and Harper Avenues.

Who owns Hagley Park?

Christchurch City Council

Hagley Park, Christchurch
Area 1.65 km2
Created 1856
Operated by Christchurch City Council
Status Open all year

How far is it around Hagley Park?

roughly 7km
There are a number of tracks linking North & South Hagley Park with the Botanic Gardens at the heart. A full loop is roughly 7km and will take roughly 2 hours.

How long is South Hagley Park?

South Hagley Park Walk

Start Hagley Oval car park, Riccarton Avenue
Finish Hagley Oval car park, Riccarton Avenue
Distance 3.6km
Time One hour return
Access Suitable for wheelchairs and strollers

How old are the trees in Hagley Park?

First plantings The oldest surviving introduced tree in Christchurch today is a pear tree planted by them in 1846 at ‘Putaringamotu’ in Riccarton. The tree is identified by a label as No. 19. Three oak trees were presented to the Deans by Governor Grey in 1850.

Where does the river start in Christchurch?

Avon River / Ōtakaro/Sources

How long is bridle path?

The track is a 2.4 km long walk that ascends to the 333 metres (1,093 ft) high summit takes about an hour to walk in one direction. The number 28 Lyttelton/Rapaki bus can be used to connect between the ends of the walk.

How long does it take to run Rapaki?

Rapaki Walk, Martinborough – 1-2 hours loop track – Tourism information from Destination Wairarapa.

What trees are in Hagley Park?

When the planting began, native plants such as ferns, tussock, cabbage trees, and flax were replaced by English plants , such as beech, elm, chestnuts, pines and oaks. The first recorded tree plantings in Hagley Park were the avenue of Oriental plane trees in the North Park in 1870.

What is the Māori name for Christchurch?

Christchurch takes its Māori name, Ōtautahi, from the pā of Tautahi, once situated on the banks of the Avon River.

Is the bridle path hard?

Difficulty: Hard Highlights: Great views of Castle Rock. Ends in Lyttelton where you can stop for lunch.

Why is Hagley Park open to the public?

According to the government’s decree at that time, Hagley Park is ” reserved forever as a public park, and shall be open for the recreation and enjoyment of the public. ” Hagley Park is characterised by its trees and broad open spaces.

Where is South Hagley Park in New Zealand?

South Hagley Park (70.507 hectares) lies to the south of North Hagley Park, separated by Riccarton Avenue. At various times, it was proposed to build additional roads through the park.

What kind of House is Hagley Hall in London?

Hagley Hall is a Palladian villa of 1754 in a contemporary landscape park within a larger woodland and agricultural estate. There are many ornamental buildings and decorative features. The following is from the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest.

Where is Hagley Park in Kidderminster, Birmingham?

A mid-18th century landscape park, with circuit including several notable buildings, associated with a country house by Sanderson Miller. Hagley lies in the lee of the Clent Hills, some ten miles south-west of the centre of Birmingham and six miles north-east of Kidderminster.