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Does Wahoo use ANT+?

The Wahoo Key is an ANT+ Receiver designed to allow your iPhone to collect data from ANT+ sensors. You can also download our free Wahoo Fitness Utility App to test compatibility with fitness sensor types.

What is wahoo cadence sensor compatible with?

Wahoo cycling sensors are compatible with most Bluetooth 4.0 (or newer) and/or ANT+ enabled devices. These include iOS and Android smartphones as well as most cycling computers utilizing these protocols.

Does wahoo cadence sensor work with Garmin Connect?

You’ll need a device, such as a Garmin or smartphone, that can communicate with the cadence sensor via either Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+. I used the latter and the sensor quickly and easily synced with my Garmin Edge 500.

How do I connect Wahoo to ant?

Pairing via ANT+

  1. Open the TrainerRoad app and go to the Devices tab.
  2. Once your ANT+ stick is in, click “Search for ANT+ USB” and you’ll see a list of devices you can pair with.
  3. Click the Pair button next the Wahoo KICKR.
  4. Your KICKR is now paired.

How do you use an ant for Wahoo?

Connecting Your ANT+ Dongle

  1. Find a free USB port. We recommend using a USB extension cord.
  2. Plug the ANT+ dongle into the extension cord.
  3. Insert the USB extension cord into a free port on your computer.
  4. Place the ANT+ end of the cord as close to the trainer as possible.
  5. You’re ready to Zwift!

What does ANT+ compatible mean?

ANT+ stands for interoperability which means that ANT+ products from multiple brands work together. Plus, because devices are compatible, you can always add to or update your monitoring system.

Does wahoo cadence sensor work with strava?

Our plan is to first roll out heart rate monitors with BLE pairing to ensure it’s working as intended before we expand to power/cadence meters or other sensors. When you connect your Wahoo Fitness and Strava apps, activities recorded with Wahoo Fitness that include other sensor data will automatically upload to Strava.

How does wahoo cadence sensor work?

How Does the Wahoo Speed and Cadence Sensor Work? Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors universally attach without magnets, wirelessly integrate with Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible accessories, and track cycling speed and cadence in real-time.

How do I connect my Wahoo sensor to my Garmin?

Select Settings > Sensors & Accessories > Add New. Bring the device within 3 m (10 ft.) of the sensor, and wait while the device pairs with the sensor. After the device connects to the sensor, an icon appears at the top of the screen.

How does the Wahoo RPM cadence sensor work?

The Wahoo RPM cadence sensor is your sleek little solution for measuring cycling cadence data. It is wireless, magnet-less, lightweight, and easily mounts to your bike’s crank arm or to your shoe. Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ dual band technology allows you to connect to and display data on both smartphones and GPS bike computers.

Which is the best ant + bike Cadence sensor?

Each of these is simply a standard identifying a device, as without standards ANT+ as a ecosystem wouldn’t work too well. For most folks, the most common Speed/Cadence sensor is the $35 Garmin GSC-10 .

What does the Wahoo speed sensor do for You?

The Wahoo SPEED sensor enables you to track and monitor your speed on both iOS and Android smartphones and also GPS bike computers. The Wahoo Fitness app is designed to leverage your smartphone during running, cycling, or other workouts, delivering data-driven power that fuels your training and fitness goals.

Is the RPM cadence sensor compatible with Android?

To check the iOS version of your Apple device, check out Find the software version on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The RPM Cadence Sensor is designed to work with the Wahoo Fitness app which supports most Bluetooth ® compliant Android devices running Android version 6 or newer.