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Does Restoria discreet really work?

I’ve been using Discreet for about 3 years and find it works really well. It’s a gradual process but regular applications have helped restore my hair colour as it was when I was 30 years younger – plus I can give my scalp a thorough massage which helps prevent hair loss. I recommend Discreet without hesitation.

How do you use Restoria?

Simply use Restoria Discreet as your regular shampoo, until you like what you see. This usually takes between 2-4 weeks. For best results, we recommend using it daily during this initial period. Once you have achieved your desired look, you can use it a few times a week to maintain the look.

What is Restoria Discreet?

Restoria Discreet is a complete grey hair treatment that prevents grey hair and helps stop dandruff to make you look younger. Developed over 45 years ago, Restoria Discreet is the grey hair treatment that gradually restores natural looking colour to grey hair.

How to use Restoria Discreet colour Restoring cream?

Restoria Discreet is suitable for all hair colours and is simply rubbed into the grey areas. Restoria Discreet gets rid of grey hair the same way you got it, gradually. Restoria Discreet works slowly over two or three weeks to return natural looking colour to your hair.

How do men use Restoria Express?

How do I apply Restoria Express Men? Restoria Express Men hair dye comes in 2 resealable tubes with an applicator brush. Squeeze equal amounts of the product tubes on to the applicator brush and comb through hair. Wait 5 minutes, rinse and shampoo as usual.

How do I apply for Restoria Express?

The applicator allows you to control where to apply the product. The product is perfect for early grey hair – just apply where the grey is. If grey hairs are scattered throughout, then brush all over. Restoria targets and colours only your grey hairs, leaving your natural colour alone.

How does Restoria cream work?

Restoria puts you in control by allowing you to choose when the colour is right for you. Restoria works by gradually removing grey so there is no sudden or embarrassing change. Once you have achieved your desired hair colour, simply m,aintain it by applying the cream 2-3 times per week.

What is Restoria cream?

RESTORIA EXPRESS AMMONIA FREE Restoria Express ammonia free has a velvet cream formula that colors your hair shaft without present of Ammonia.

Can I use Restoria discreet on my beard?

Can I use Restoria Express Men on my moustache, sideburns and beard? Yes, Restoria Express Men can also be used safely and effectively on facial hair.

Which hair dyes contain lead acetate?

Lead acetate has been a key ingredient in what are called progressive hair dyes, such as Grecian Formula and Youthair. These dyes, typically targeted at men, are applied over time for a gradual coloring effect as opposed to typical single-use dyes.

Does Restoria work on beards?

Is lead acetate bad?

“We now know that the approved use of lead acetate in adult hair dyes no longer meets our safety standard,” the FDA commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, said in a statement. “Lead exposure can have serious adverse effects on human health, including for children, who may be particularly vulnerable.

How does Restoria discreet help with grey hair?

Restoria Discreet provides a quick and convenient way to bring back youth and colour to grey hair. Restoria can combines with the natural chemistry makeup of your hair to fight the grey. It works by replacing Melanin your hair’s natural colouring protein. It is so simple to use.

How long does it take for Restoria discreet hair cream to work?

Restoria Discreet hair cream and lotion works with the hair’s natural chemistry, returning your hair to a natural looking colour gradually over 2 to 3 weeks. Hair colour can be controlled simply by frequency of application and can remove all the grey or just some, depending on your desired result.

What are the reviews of the product Restoria?

Restoria Discreet is such an easy product to use and it certainly keeps me looking as young as I feel. Well done Restoria. Currently 1/5 Stars. By Rahman from UAE, age 40, who has been using Restoria Discreet for four months: I have been using Restoria Discreet for more than 4 months but I have not noticed any remarkable change in my grey hairs.

Is it possible to have natural hair with Restoria?

Natural looking hair can be achieved because this product is not a dye and works with your own hair proteins. Gradually Restoria develops the same rich blends of highlights and shades that are found in natural human hair. Both men and women can achieve success to have a healthier and thicker hairstyle.