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Does NRMA own Travelodge?

Diversified property investment company JF Meridian Trust (JFM) said it had acquired a stake in the international hotel chain Travelodge through a joint venture which includes motoring group NRMA. The joint venture will pay a total of $189 million, including acquisition costs, for Travelodge Hotel Group.

Who owns Travelodge in Australia?

Travelodge Australia

Formerly Southern Pacific Hotel Corporation
Area served Australia, New Zealand
Key people Antony Ritch (CEO)
Number of employees 491
Parent TFE Hotels

Is Travelodge going out of business?

Travelodge has announced that 578 of its network of hotels have agreed to continue operating as part of the hotel group following its insolvency earlier this year. The group says this accounts for more than 98 per cent of its 2019 UK hotel earnings.

Who owns the Travelodge?

Goldman Sachs
GoldenTree Asset Management, LPAvenue Capital GroupFull Moon Holdco 7 Limited
Travelodge UK/Parent organizations

Who bought Travelodge?

Purchase by Dubai International Capital In August 2006, Travelodge was split from Little Chef and sold to Dubai International Capital (DIC), a United Arab Emirates-based company, for £675 million.

Is Travelodge going bust 2021?

Travelodge will formally declare insolvency after creditors’ approved a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) for the budget hotel chain.

Who invented Travelodge?

Scott King
Scott King, the Travelodge Corporation founder, incorporated in Southern California in 1939. The first TraveLodge opened in San Diego in 1940.

Do Travelodge own their hotels?

Travelodge Hotels Limited is a private company operating in the hotels and hospitality industry throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. Known simply as Travelodge, it is the UK’s largest independent hotel brand with over 570 hotels across the UK….Travelodge UK.

Type Private limited company

What happened to Travelodge?

HFS was later merged into Cendant Corporation, and Cendant’s hotel services, including Travelodge, were spun off as Wyndham Hotels and Resorts in 2006.

Are Travelodge hotels franchised?

Yes, Travelodge does franchise in the UK.

When was Travelodge founded?

Travelodge UK/Founded

Who founded Travelodge?